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About JAIST Repository

1. Overview

2. Advantages of this service

3. Content coverage

4. How to deposit your research materials

5. How to deposit your Master’s Thesis
  * If your have any questions about depositing your materials, please contact Library Information Section,
  by sending Comments&Questions Form or email to "kanri at ml.jaist.ac.jp" .


JAIST Repository is a digital collection for providing access to JAIST's research materials through the Internet.
These materials can be searched by not only JAIST Repository search window, but also some search engines including Google.

* All items in JAIST Repository are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved.
Copyright remains with the author or publisher.

 - Registry of Open Access Repositories (ROAR) < http://roar.eprints.org/ >
 - National Institute of Informatics, Current IRs in Japan < http://www.nii.ac.jp/irp/en/list/ >

2. What are the advantages of this service?

-- Preservation and Management of the institution's ‘information asset’

-- Achieving accountability to the public

-- To contribute to society through education and research

・ For researchers
-- Wider access to research material
Once you deposit your papers into JAIST's IR, they will be searched by some search engines including Google, IRDB(※2).

※2 IRDB (Institutional Repositories DataBase): It is a search system created by NII where users have access to the research findings of various institutes through a single interface by collecting metadata (index information) from Japanese IRs.

3. Content coverage

【JAIST Repository content coverage】

 ・Academic Papers
 ・Masters and Doctoral Theses
 ・Research Reports
 ・Technical Reports
 ・Grants-in-Aid for Scientific Research Papers
 ・COE Program Research Papers
 ・JAIST Press Publications
 ・Other results of education and research (Please contact the Library staff if you want to deposit it.)

  • In principle, the research material must have been published.
  • The principle parts of the research material must have been made by board member, staff member or student of the JAIST.
  • There should be no problems regarding the intellectual property rights. (Please deposit your papers after patent applications if necessary.)
  • There should be no problems upon disclosing the research material to the public.

    For the detail, please see the "JAIST Repository Operational Guideline"

The copyright of research material shall remain with the copyright holder, not be transferred to the Library when it is deposited to the Repository.

4. How to deposit your research materials

If you want to submit your paper to the JAIST Repository, please send bibliographic information such as title, journal name, volume, page numbers and the file of the paper (PDF, Word , etc.) to Library Information Section via email at kanri@ml.jaist.ac.jp .

* Please note that you may not be able to deposit some papers to the repository if the publisher is NOT permitted to do it.

* As many publishers permit using the final draft post-refereeing of their paper on a Institutional Repository, please keep them for the purposes of archiving.

* Publisher's copyright & archiving policies: SHERPA/ROMEO, Society Copyright Policies in Japan

【KAKENHI Final Research Report】
Because KAKENHI final research reports are published using the KAKENHI Database (KAKEN https://kaken.nii.ac.jp/en/), we will deposit the reports to the JAIST Repositoy as well. The report that submitted to the Competitive Research Fund Section will be deposited to the repository around July every year.

5. How to deposit your Master’s Thesis(For Student)

Please refer to the following page.

- Registration of Master's Thesis