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JAIST Repository is a digital collection for providing access to JAIST's research materials.

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School of Knowledge Science [896]
School of Information Science [2060]
School of Materials Science [910]
School of Transdisciplinary Science [42]
Library [13]
Research Center for Advanced Computing Infrastructure [114]
Center for Nano Materials and Technology [51]
Health Care Center [1]
JAIST [7129]
Special Collections [5946]
Green Devices Research Center 2011-2016 [31]
Research Center for Service Science 2012-2019 [24]
Research Center for Simulation Science 2012-2016 [14]
Research Center for Software Verification 2010-2016 [2]
Research Center for Innovative Lifestyle Design 2011-2016 [167]
Research Center for Integrated Science 2007-2016 [24]
Institute of General Education 2011-2016 [5]
Center for Advanced Education for Working Professionals 2010-2016 [1]
Center for Regional Innovation 2012-2016 [49]
Center for Graduate Education Initiative 2010-2015 [65]
Education and Reseach Center for Trustworthy e-Society 2004-2016 [117]
Center for Strategic Development of Science and Technology 2003-2008 [377]
Research Center for Remote Learning 2001-2012 [3]
Center for Highly Dependable Embedded Systems Technology 2007-2016 [1]


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