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Title: Hydrogelation of dextran-based polyampholytes with cryoprotective properties via click chemistry
Authors: Jain, Minkle
Rajan, Robin
Hyon, Suong-Hyu
Matsumura, Kazuaki
Keywords: Hydrogel
Injectable hydrogel
Tissue engineering
Issue Date: 2013-11-25
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Magazine name: Biomaterials Science
Volume: 2
Number: 3
Start page: 308
End page: 317
DOI: 10.1039/C3BM60261C
Abstract: Hydrogels are promising substrates for tissue engineering applications because of their unique biocompatibility, flexible methods of synthesis, range of constituents, and desirable physical characteristics. Cryopreservation of cell-containing constructs using such hydrogel scaffolds is in high demand in tissue-engineering applications for the production of “off-the-shelf” tissue-engineered products. However, cryopreservation of regenerated tissues including cell sheets and cell constructs is not easy compared to preservation of cell suspensions, even when cryoprotectants are used. Here, we report a dextran-based polyampholyte hydrogel that itself shows cryoprotective properties, which could be useful for cell encapsulation and tissue engineering applications involving hydrogel formation. Amination was performed by introducing poly-L-lysine onto azide groups conjugated with dextran, and a portion of the amino groups was converted into carboxyl groups. These dextran-based polyampholytes showed good cryoprotective properties for mammalian cells, and addition of dextran substituted with dibenzylcyclooctyne acid induced in situ hydrogel formation via Cu-free click chemistry with high biocompatibility. Cells encapsulated with such in situ hydrogels can be cryopreserved well without the addition of any cryoprotectants. Thus, these hydrogels can serve as scaffolds with cryoprotective properties that also provide structural integrity to tissue constructs.
Rights: Copyright (C) 2013 Royal Society of Chemistry. Minkle Jain, Robin Rajan, Suong-Hyu Hyon and Kazuaki Matsumura, Biomaterials Science, 2(3), 2013, 308-317. http://dx.doi.org/10.1039/C3BM60261C - Reproduced by permission of The Royal Society of Chemistry
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/12281
Material Type: author
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