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Date of IssueTitle Authors
17-Nov-2020 Effects of BEIIb-Deficiency on the Cluster Structure of Amylopectin and the Internal Structure of Starch Granules in Endosperm and Culm of Japonica-Type RiceNakamura, Yasunori; Ono, Masami; Hatta, Tamao; Kainuma, Keiji; Yashiro, Kazuki; Matsuba, Go; Matsubara, Akira; Miyazato, Akio; Mizutani, Goro
1-Nov-2020 Continuous Audiovisual Emotion Recognition Using Feature Selection and LSTMElbarougy, Reda; Atmaja, Bagus Tris; Akagi, Masato
Nov-2020 法令工学の実践 国民年金法の述語論理による記述と検証; 片山, 卓也
Oct-2020 Comparison of glottal source parameter values in emotional vowelsLi, Yongwei; Tao, Jianhua; Liu, Bin; Erickson, Donna; Akagi, Masato
Oct-2020 Segment-level Effects of Gender, Nationality and Emotion Information on Text-independent Speaker VerificationLi, Kai; Akagi, Masato; Wu, Yibo; Dang, and Jianwu
7-Sep-2020 Down-link NOMA with Successive Refinement for Binary Symmetric Source TransmissionCheng, Meng; Lin, Wensheng; Matsumoto, Tad
2-Sep-2020 Intersection Control Systems with Dynamic Wait Time Applying Vehicle to Vehicle CommunicationTamaru, Rei; Ishibashi, Keisuke; Kotani, Kazunori
Sep-2020 スマートホームにおけるデータカタログを用いたデータ自動選択システムに関する研究辛, 涛; しん, とう
Sep-2020 Organoboron Electrolytes for All-solid-state Sodium-ion BatteriesSingh, Apeksha; Singh, Apeksha
Sep-2020 Study on Deposition Condition of Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (YSZ) Seed Layers on Cellulose Nanopapers (CNP) for Fabrication of Si Thin Film Transistorsパティダル, ジョティシュ
Sep-2020 Study on blind speech watermarking method based on spread-spectrum using linear prediction residueWin, La Pyae
Sep-2020 Research on Computational Complexity of Colored Token Shift ProblemSai, Kwon Kham; さい, ごんかむ
Sep-2020 Dimensional Emotion Prediction based on Interactive Context in ConversationSHI, Xiaohan
Sep-2020 Incomplete Supervised Learning Method for Personal Thermal Comfort Model for Cyber-Physical Human Centric Systems周, 晨冕; しゅう, しんめん
Sep-2020 Information effect on customer preference for recycled-plastic packaging: A case of a recycled-plastic water bottle in Mongolia [課題研究報告書]Khartsaga, Batgerel
Sep-2020 在日中国人女性起業家の起業プロセスと特徴張, 松; ちょう, しょう
Sep-2020 Informatical Analysis of Go and Mahjong and its Evolutionary ChangesWU, YICONG
Sep-2020 Optimal Mixture of Concurrent and Sequential Transmissions for Full-duplex Multihop Wireless NetworksKHUN, Aung Thura Phyo; くん, あうんとうらぴゃお
Sep-2020 Outage Analysis of Link Adaptation for Lossy-Forwarding Relaying SystemWANG, YANCHEN
Sep-2020 サイバーセキュリティトレーニングのクラウド導入サポート張, 喆; チョウ, テツ
Sep-2020 中山間地域小規模果樹農業経営体における外部連携の形成プロセスの解明と分析 ―能美市国造ゆず生産組合を事例にして― [課題研究報告書]黄, 寧宇; コウ, ネイウ
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