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Title: 周辺環境を記憶するDNA分子システムの開発
Other Titles: Development of environment directed intelligent DNA molecular system
Authors: 藤本, 健造
Authors(alternative): Fujimoto, Kenzo
Keywords: 光クロスリンク
Issue Date: 2-Jun-2016
Abstract: DNA分子のプログラミング能に着目し、これまでDNA分子自体に基本演算素子(AND, OR, NOT等)が実装できることが報告されている。本研究では新規光架橋素子の合成とDNA鎖交換速度の定量評価を行うことで類似配列でありながら光架橋性人工塩基(cnvK, cnvD, cnvG)と対象シトシンの相補塩基(グアニン、イノシン、アミノプリン)を組み合わせることで固有の反応係数を有するDNA鎖交換システムが構築できることを見出した。周辺環境として照射されたエネルギーを反映したDNA鎖交換反応解析系の構築に成功した。 : The specificity of the A-T and G-C hydrogen bonded Watson-Crick interaction is an emerging scientific discipline that seeks to engineer nanoscale system created out of DNA strand. Based on this DNA specificity, various nanoscale DNA device and DNA structure have been reported. Attempts to design and implement chemical reaction circuits to serve as computational components in DNA computing. However, this approach is not always appropriate, given the physical properties of the actual chemical reactions. In order to introduce intelligence in molecular robots, it is important to explore various chemical reactions that might be more suitable for DNA computing. An oligodeoxynucleotide containing CNVK can photo-cross-link to a pyrimidine base in complementary DNA or RNA molecules within a few seconds of photoirradiation. In this study, we developped construction of intelligence toward DNA computing based on photochemical DNA manipulation.
Description: 挑戦的萌芽研究
Language: jpn
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/13689
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