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Title: 溶液SiC材料による高品質固体膜の形成
Other Titles: Formation of high quality solid film by solution SiC material
Authors: 増田, 貴史
Authors(alternative): Masuda, Takashi
Keywords: プリンテッドエレクトロニクス
Issue Date: 31-May-2018
Abstract: 本研究では常温常圧で液体で、脱水素化により半導体SiCとなる液体の新物質「液体SiC」を合成した。本研究では、特に液体SiCの反応中間体(活性種)に関する情報を評価した。この知見は液体SiCの「液体→固体」変換過程における分子の状態や構造を追跡し、その膜物性をより高度に制御するための鍵となる。つまり本研究は「液体SiC」という新材料の創出に留まらず、「液体」からのアプローチを前提としたSiC半導体の研究に繋がってゆく。今後は反応中間体の同定と「液体SiC→固体SiC」変換過程の構造・状態変化の解明のもと、高品質な結晶薄膜の形成に取り組む予定である。:In this study, we synthesized a "Liquid SiC" which is a liquid precursor solution consisting of hydrosilane and hydrocarbon. Liquid SiC is a liquid under normal temperature and normal pressure and which becomes semiconductor SiC via dehydrogenation. In this study, reactive intermediates (active species) of liquid SiC was investigated. The information of intermediates is a key issue to track the state and structure of molecules in the liquid-to-solid conversion process of liquid SiC and to control the physical properties of the film more highly. This research leads not only to the synthesis of a new material called "liquid SiC" but also to the study of SiC semiconductors on the premise of "liquid" approach. In the future, we are planning to form high-quality crystal thin films under the elucidation of the structure and state change of the reaction intermediate identification and "liquid-to-solid SiC" conversion process.
Description: 挑戦的萌芽研究
Language: jpn
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/15400
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