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Title: Intrinsic proton conduction in 2D sulfonated covalent organic framework through the post-synthetic strategy
Authors: Zhang, Yuwei
Li, Chunzhi
Liu, Zhaohan
Yao, Yuze
Hasan, Md. Mahmudul
Liu, Qianyu
Wan, Jieqiong
Li, Zhongping
Li, He
Nagao, Yuki
Issue Date: 2021-08-13
Publisher: Royal Society of Chemistry
Magazine name: CrystEngComm
Volume: 23
Start page: 6234
End page: 6238
DOI: 10.1039/D1CE00957E
Abstract: Two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks (2D COFs) have attracted much attentions in proton conduction, owing to their regular pore channels and easy functionalization. However, most of COFs required the loading of proton carriers to achieve high proton conductivity. Here, we report the immobilization of flexible sulfonic acid groups on the channel walls of PyTTA-DHTA-COF (synthesized by condensation of 4,4',4'',4'''-(pyrene-1,3,6,8-tetrayl)tetraaniline and 2,5-dihydroxyterephthalaldehyde) via a simple post-synthetic modification strategy. The sulfonated COF showed intrinsic proton conductivity up to 10^-3 at 25 °C and 100% relative humidity (RH), and high conductivity up to 10^-2 S cm^-1 under at 70 °C and 100% RH without introduction of any non-covalent acid molecules or imidazole derivatives.
Rights: Copyright (C) 2021 Royal Society of Chemistry. Yuwei Zhang, Chunzhi Li, Zhaohan Liu, Yuze Yao, Md. Mahmudul Hasan, Qianyu Liu, Jieqiong Wan, Zhongping Li, He Li and Yuki Nagao, CrystEngComm, 23, 2021, 6234-6238. https://doi.org/10.1039/D1CE00957E
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/18026
Material Type: author
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