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Title: X線回折によるあいまいな高分子構造の解析 : イメージプレートの利用
Authors: 佐々木伸太郎
Issue Date: 1998
Publisher: 株式会社リガク
Magazine name: The Rigaku-Denki Journal
Volume: 29
Number: 2
Start page: 22
End page: 29
Abstract: Image-plate detectors are now widely used to acquire two-dimensional X-ray scattering patterns of polymers as the numerical data manageable on computers, and to derive quickly the accurate information underlying the pattern. Our system workable on personal computers does not require for the fiber axis to be normal to the incident beam. Data collections, including integration over pixels, calculation of reciprocal-space coordinates, Lorentz and other corrections, peak detection, spline separation of background scattering, as well as extractions of azimuthal and layer-line intensity distributions, are performed with the scattering geometry defined with the aids of positions of appropriate reflections. If the oriented sample were just tilted so as to diffract a certain meridional reflection, its integrated intensity corrected for Lorentz factor would be obtained without meridional singularity problem. The present system was applied to analysis of molecular orientation, crystallinity, and line profiles in comb-like copolyacrylates, and in combination with linked-atom Rietveld technique to crystal-structure analyses of poly(p-phenylene sulfide), poly(L-lactic acid), and even of semi-amorphous powder samples of electrically-conductive aromatic polymers.
Rights: 株式会社リガク, 佐々木伸太郎, 理学電機ジャーナル, 29(2), 1998, 22-29.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/3353
Material Type: publisher
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