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タイトル: Applying a Critical Systematic Review Process to Hierarchy Theory
著者: Jennifer, M. Wilby
キーワード: general system theory
hierarchy theory
systematic review
critical review
発行日: Nov-2005
出版者: JAIST Press
抄録: This symposium asks: “If Systems Sciences are to help integrate human efforts and advancement, how will they do so?” This paper addresses this question and reviews the use of general system theory, and in particular, hierarchy theory, as one such way of applying systems science to issues of concern in global systems. The paper further emphasizes the need to investigate systems sciences with a rigorous and systematic procedure. This report presents an on-going research program to produce a critical systematic review of hierarchy theory and a critical review of the utility of hierarchy theory for addressing issues arising in complex systems. The methodology of systematic review utilizes extensive literature searching and review, the application of predetermined inclusion and exclusion criteria to the retrieved literature, and the critical evaluation and synthesis of the gathered data on hierarchy theory. The goal of this paper is to propose a framework for systematic critical review of any systems methodology that can also be specifically applied to hierarchy theory. This will provide theoretical rigor and practical implementation for this area of systems science. It is also useful in this symposium as an underpinning and plea for rigor in addressing the question as to “what really constitutes systems, their development, and their design”.
記述: The original publication is available at JAIST Press http://www.jaist.ac.jp/library/jaist-press/index.html
IFSR 2005 : Proceedings of the First World Congress of the International Federation for Systems Research : The New Roles of Systems Sciences For a Knowledge-based Society : Nov. 14-17, 2056, Kobe, Japan
Symposium 7, Session 2 : Foundations of the Systems Sciences Systems Theory and Foundations
言語: ENG
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/3846
ISBN: 4-903092-02-X
出現コレクション:IFSR 2005


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