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タイトル: The Role of Language within Knowledge Creation Processes
著者: Filippina, Risopoulos
キーワード: Language
Knowledge Creation
Problem Solving
発行日: Nov-2005
出版者: JAIST Press
抄録: Today’s world is characterized by increasing change at all different levels of the society. Talking about change in the modern, advanced society, a special focus can be put on organizations and therefore connected to individuals as well. Shorter product life cycles and an increasing development of information and communication technologies are the basis for many changes. They all form a challenge for an organization’s innovation management. Hence, companies not only need innovation with regard to products or information and communication technologies, but also innovation in thinking and acting - innovation as new social procedures requires a new management of knowledge - especially of the creation of knowledge. However, as regards change at different societal levels which are supportive of innovation and knowledge creation, an important focus is on the issue: how is everything connected? One answer could be: through communication and language. From a constructivist point of view knowledge has to be discussed as a cognitive process of the human being and implies the skills of one’s perception, memorizing, connecting and networking, remembering, active steering of action and active learning. The potential for all these skills can be understood as the basis of individual human knowledge. In this contribution the focus is on the role of communication and language within a knowledge creation process. Furthermore, the impact of language in knowledge creation processes will be illuminated from a systemic point of view. Dealing with complex problems and systems such as knowledge creation processes can be made easier by using fitting interventions. The knowledge creation process can be supported by different models such as e.g. the logical levels of change which help humans to create more awareness for innovations in thinking and acting.
記述: The original publication is available at JAIST Press http://www.jaist.ac.jp/library/jaist-press/index.html
IFSR 2005 : Proceedings of the First World Congress of the International Federation for Systems Research : The New Roles of Systems Sciences For a Knowledge-based Society : Nov. 14-17, 2180, Kobe, Japan
Workshop, Session 4 : he New Roles of Systems Sciences for a Knowledge-based Society
言語: ENG
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/3970
ISBN: 4-903092-02-X
出現コレクション:IFSR 2005


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