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タイトル: Innovation and Creativity From the Viewpoint of Systems Thinking and Chaos Theory
著者: Gerald, Steiner
キーワード: systems thinking
nonlinear dynamic systems
sustainable innovation
発行日: Nov-2005
出版者: JAIST Press
抄録: One of the most demanding tasks of the future will be to provide for a sustainable development of GAIA. As long as humankind is only focussed on the demands of humankind without being aware of the demands of GAIA as such - with other species and plants not necessarily directly connected to the welfare of humankind - true sustainable development is impossible. Humankind is required to work creatively on new and more appropriate ways to cope with the demands of the present and the future. To do so, the generation of sustainable innovation based on a systems point of view becomes a prerequisite. Hence, there are two mains fields of application for systems thinking: the field of understanding a considered system and the field of creatively finding solutions for a considered system. Since such systems mostly behave dynamically and the process of creative collaboration most often shows chaotic instead of purely deterministically structured and predictable patterns, the major question in this contribution is to consider nonlinear dynamic systems thinking respectively chaos theory accessible to the generation of innovation and creative problem-solving.
記述: The original publication is available at JAIST Press http://www.jaist.ac.jp/library/jaist-press/index.html
IFSR 2005 : Proceedings of the First World Congress of the International Federation for Systems Research : The New Roles of Systems Sciences For a Knowledge-based Society : Nov. 14-17, 2181, Kobe, Japan
Workshop, Session 4 : he New Roles of Systems Sciences for a Knowledge-based Society
言語: ENG
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/3971
ISBN: 4-903092-02-X
出現コレクション:IFSR 2005


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