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Title: 有機イオン会合体抽出多元素濃縮/液体電極プラズマ発光分析法による水中の微量重金属の同時定量
Authors: 中山, 慶子
山本, 保
波多, 宣子
田口, 茂
高村, 禅
Keywords: liquid electrode plasma atomic emission spectrometry
liquid organic ion associate
determination of trace metals
on-site portable analysis
Issue Date: 2011-06
Publisher: 日本分析化学会
Magazine name: 分析化学
Volume: 60
Number: 6
Start page: 515
End page: 520
Abstract: 液体電極プラズマ発光分析法(LEP-AES)は小型化可能な元素分析法であり,ガス供給や大型電源が不要なため,現場分析に適する.本研究では.LEP-AESと微小体積に短時間で高濃縮できる有機イオン会合体抽出法による濃縮を組み合わせ,微量金属(Cu, Mn, Pd, Zn, Cd, Pb)の一括濃縮/同時定量法を開発した。試料水40 mLにキレート試薬を加え,重金属を錯体とし,水相から生成させた有機イオン会合体中に抽出した。この会合体の体積はμLレベルである.これをメタノールに溶解し,硝酸溶液を加え400 μLとした.40μLを分取してLEP‐AESで測定した。濃縮倍率は100倍である。以上の濃縮/定量法より,短時間で高感度な現場元素分析が可能となり,検出限界は数μgL^<- 1>~ 数百μgL^<-1>となった.いくつかの元素は濃縮倍率以上に感度が上昇した。また,廃液の認証標準物質に適用したところ,測定値は認証値の許容範囲内であった。: Liquid electrode plasma atomic emission spectrometry (LEP-AES) is a compact elemental-analysis method, which requires no plasma gas and no high-power source, and is suitable for on-site portable analysis. In this paper, the LEP-AES is combined with the concentration method using liquid organic ion associate extraction, and a concentration/simultaneous determination method for trace metals (Cu, Mn, Pd, Zn, Cd and Pb) in water is developed. Metals were converted into a complex with a chelating reagent in a 40 mL sample solution, and were extracted into a liquid ion associate during phase formation. The volume of the ion associate was μL-scale. The ion associate was dissolved with 400 μL of a 50 vol% methanol +0.1 M HNO_3 solution, followed by detection by LEP-AES using 40 μL of the sample. As a results, a liquid organic ion associate extraction enabled a 100-fold enrichment of trace metals, and improved the detection limits (3 σ) by a few μL L^<−1> – sub mg L^<−1>. Interestingly, for some metal elements, the magnification of the total sensitivity combined with LEP-AES resulted in more than 1000, which is more than the value of 100-fold for the enrichment. This method was applied to the determinations of Cu, Mn, Zn, Cd and Pb in certified reference materials (EnviroMAT EU-H-1 waste water). The values obtained in this method were nearly equal to the certified values.
Rights: Copyright (C) 2011 日本分析化学会. 中山 慶子, 山本 保, 波多 宣子, 田口 茂, 高村 禅, 分析化学, 60(6), 2011, 515-520.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/9774
Material Type: publisher
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