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Title: 試料発現の新展開:高等植物細胞を利用した成熟型タンパク質の大量発現と選択標識
Other Titles: A new approach for sample preparation: expression and stable-isotope labeling of mature proteins using plant cells
Authors: 大木, 進野
Authors(alternative): Ohki, Shinya
Keywords: タンパク質
Issue Date: 10-Jun-2011
Abstract: 植物細胞とウイルスベクターを利用した新規のタンパク質試料調製法を確立した.また,これを用いて,一般的な大腸菌利用の系では調製できないタンパク質の発現に成功した.この系を用いて安定同位体標識サンプルが調製できるようになった.このシステムの有用性を示すため,大腸菌などでは調製困難な1 つのタンパク質を例にとり,タンパク質の発現・標識・3次元構造解析を行った.本研究を通じて,多くの調製困難なタンパク質を解析できるかもしれない新しい技術が確立できた. : We developed a novel protein expression method using plant cells and virus vector. We prepared a protein, which cannot be expressed with popular E. coli systems. We established a protocol for preparing the stable-isotope labeled proteins with this system. To show the workability, we performed protein expression, stable-isotope labeling, and structure determination of a protein, of which expression is tough. In summary, this work had suggested a new method, which has a potential to study challenging proteins, to prepare samples, of which expression is known as difficult.
Description: 基盤研究(C)
Language: jpn
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/9809
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