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28-Aug-1996 Logical semantics for CafeOBJDiaconescu, Razvan; Futatsugi, Kokichi
13-Aug-1997 The equivalence of the reductions with the E-strategy with and without marksNagaya, Takashi; Matsumoto, Michihiro; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
20-Feb-1998 Concurrent object composition in CafeOBJIida, Shusaku; Matsumoto, Michihiro; Diaconescu, Razvan; Futatsugi, Kokichi; Lucanu, Dorel
6-May-1999 Component-based algebraic specification and verification in cafeOBJDiaconescu, Razvan; Futatsugi, Kokichi; Iida, Shusaku
22-Jun-2000 The tool that support highly reliable component-based software developmentMatsumoto, Michihiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
Jun-2001 Specification and verification of a single-track railroad signaling in CafeOBJSEINO, Takahiro; OGATA, Kazuhiro; FUTATSUGI, Kokichi
31-Jul-2001 A scenario-based object-oriented modeling method with algebraic specification techniquesNakajima, Shin; Futatsugi, Kokichi
20-Aug-2002 Formal analysis of the iKP electronic payment protocolsOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
Apr-2003 Flaw and modification of the ikp electronic payment protocolsOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
15-Mar-2004 多重ループからの脱出でのgoto文の是非 : Hoare理論の観点から(プログラミング方法論とパラダイム)金藤, 栄孝; 二木, 厚吉; KONDOH, HIDETAKA; FUTATSUGI, KOKICHI
Apr-2004 Rewriting-Based Verification of Authentication ProtocolsOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
Sep-2004 Formal Analysis of an Anonymous Fair Exchange E-Commerce ProtocolKong, Weiqiang; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Xiang Jianwen; Futatsugi, Kokichi
15-Sep-2004 有限状態機械に基づくプログラミングでのgoto文使用の是非 : Hoare論理の観点から(プログラミングの理論)金藤, 栄孝; 二木, 厚吉; KONDOH, HIDETAKA; FUTATSUGI, KOKICHI
15-Apr-2005 項書き換えシステムにおける可簡約演算子とその応用中村, 正樹; 緒方, 和博; 二木, 厚吉; NAKAMURA, MASAKI; OGATA, KAZUHIRO; FUTATSUGI, KOKICHI
21-Sep-2005 Verifying Specifications with Proof ScoresFUTATSUGI, Kokichi
21-Sep-2005 A Lightweight Integration of Theorem Proving and Model Checking for System VerificationKong, Weiqiang; Seino, Takahiro; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
2006 Induction-Guided FalsificationOgata, Kazuhiro; Nakano, Masahiro; Kong, Weiqiang; Futatsugi, Kokichi
2006 Some Tips on Writing Proof Scores in the OTS/CafeOBJ MethodOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
1-Jun-2006 A Behavioral Specification of Imperative Programming LanguagesNAKAMURA, Masaki; WATANABE, Masahiro; FUTATSUGI, Kokichi
7-Mar-2007 Counterexample Discovery with a Combination of Induction and Bounded Model CheckingOgata, Kazuhiro; Nakano, Masahiro; Kong, Weiqiang; Futatsugi, Kokichi
7-Mar-2007 Algebraic Approaches to Formal Analysis of the Mondex Electronic Purse SystemKong, Weiqiang; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
16-Mar-2007 Analysis of membership sharing in digital subscription servicesXiang, Jianwen; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
23-Mar-2007 Algebraic approaches to formal analysis of the mondex electronic purse systemKong, Weiqiang; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
6-Sep-2007 Analysis of Electronic Commerce Protocols in Algebraic Specification LanguagesOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
1-May-2008 A Specification Translation from Behavioral Specifications to Rewrite SpecificationsNAKAMURA, Masaki; KONG, Weiqiang; OGATA, Kazuhiro; FUTATSUGI, Kokichi
Jul-2008 Trace anonymity in the OTS/CafeOBJ methodKong, Weiqiang; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Cheng, Jian; Futatsugi, Kokichi
1-Dec-2008 Proof Score Approach to Verification of Liveness PropertiesOGATA, Kazuhiro; FUTATSUGI, Kokichi
12-Mar-2009 Modeling, Specification, and Verification of QLOCK in CafeOBJFUTATSUGI, Kokichi
29-May-2009 Constructor-based InstitutionsGaina, Daniel; Futatsugi, Kokichi; Ogata, Kazuhiro
22-Sep-2009 A Toolkit for Generating and Displaying Proof Scores in the OTS/CafeOBJ MethodSeino, Takahiro; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
2010 Proof Score Approach to Analysis of Electronic Commerce ProtocolsOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
1-Feb-2010 Reducibility of operation symbols in term rewriting systems and its application to behavioral specificationsNakamura, Masaki; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
10-Apr-2010 証明スコアによる問題モデルの検証技術二木, 厚吉; FUTATSUGI, KOKICHI
9-Nov-2010 A Combination of Forward and Backward Reachability Analysis MethodsOgata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
15-Mar-2013 Formalization and Verification of Behavioral Correctness of Dynamic Software UpdatesZhang, Min; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
27-Nov-2013 Generate & Check Methods for Invariant Verification in CafeOBJFutatsugi, Kokichi
15-Dec-2014 Sufficient completeness of parameterized specifications in CafeOBJNakamura, Masaki; Gaina, Daniel; Ogata, Kazuhiro; Futatsugi, Kokichi
18-Feb-2015 Generic Proof Scores for Generate & Check Method in CafeOBJFutatsugi, Kokichi


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