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KIM, Eunyoung(キム ウニョン)准教授研究者総覧

1 Workshop Design for Enhancing the Appropriateness of Idea Generation Using Analogical Thinking / Kim, Eunyoung, International Journal of Innovation Studies, 1(2), pp.134-143, 2017-12-21, Elsevier
2 Designing the Workshop Process for Generating Innovative Ideas: Theoretical and Empirical Approach / Kim, Eunyoung, Horii, Hideyuki, Business and Management Studies, 2(4), pp.30-41, 2016-11-23, Redfame Publishing Inc.
3 Japanese policy and programs for the fostering of global entrepreneurs / Kim, Eunyoung, STI Policy Review, 7(1), pp.40-65, 2016, Science and Technology Policy Institute
4 A Study on an Assessment Framework for The Novelty Of Ideas Generated By Analogical Thinking / Kim, Eunyoung, Horii, Hideyuki, Procedia - Social and Behavioral Sciences, 195, pp.1396-1406, 2015-07-26, Elsevier


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