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1 ポリマー鎖に沿って物質が輸送される現象の1分子動態イメージング / 篠原, 健一, 科学研究費助成事業研究成果報告書, pp.1-5, 2015-06-03
2 Single molecular anatomy of solvophobic effects in host-guest interactions based on surface tension using atomic force microscopy / Yasuda, S, Suzuki, I, Shinohara, K, Shigekawa, H, Physical Review Letters, 96(22), pp.228303-1-228303-4, 2006-06, AMERICAN PHYSICAL SOCIETY
3 Single Molecule of a π-Conjugated Polymer Slowly Twinkles in Solution at Room Temperature / Shinohara, Ken-ichi, Kato, Gen, Minami, Hiroshi, Higuchi, Hideo, Polymer, 42(20), pp.8483-8487, 2001-09, Elsevier
4 First Observation of Spectral Fluctuation in a Single Molecule of a Rigid-Rod π-Conjugated Polymer / Shinohara, Ken-ichi, Yamaguchi, Shingo, Wazawa, Tetsuichi, Polymer, 42(18), pp.7915-7918, 2001-08, Elsevier
5 Syntheses and Enantioselective Recognition of Chiral Poly(phenylacetylene)s bearing Bulky Optically Active Menthyl Groups / Shinohara, Ken-ichi, Aoki, Toshiki, Kaneko, Takashi, Oikawa, Eizo, Polymer, 42(1), pp.351-355, 2001-01, Elsevier


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