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No.Bibliographical information
1 Neodymium(III)-doped Y_3Al_2Ga_3O_12 garnet for multipurpose ratiometric thermometry: From cryogenic to high temperature sensing / Back, Michele, Xu, Jian, Ueda, Jumpei, Tanabe, Setsuhisa, Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan, 131(4), pp.57-61, 2023-04-01, The Ceramic Society of Japan
2 Photochromism and Long Persistent Luminescence in Pr^<3+>-Doped Garnet Transparent Ceramic via Ultraviolet or Blue Light Up-conversion Charging / Du, Qiping, Ueda, Jumpei, Zheng, Ruilin, Tanabe, Setsuhisa, Advanced Optical Materials, 11(7), pp.2202612-, 2023-01-19, Wiley-VCH GmbH


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