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Sep-2018 A Study of Phonetic Category Learning Considering Speech Production MechanismsGuo, Xiangjun; かく, しょうきん
Sep-2018 A Study on Question Answering Using Relation Extraction and Textual EvidenceVUONG, Thi Hai Yen; ゔーん, てぃ はい いえん
Sep-2018 A Study of Timing Issues for Multimodal Human Machine Interface for Smart Home呉, 楚瑶; ご, しょよう
Sep-2018 変調知覚メカニズムに着目した騒音低減法の検討磯山, 拓都; いそやま, たくと
Sep-2018 ICTを用いたプロボノ活動による社会課題解決プロセスの研究 --Code for Xを事例として呉, 星辰; ご, せいしん
Sep-2018 公益的価値を生むサービス創出に 向けた組織成長モデルの提案 -指定管理企業A社の事例分析-徳田, 加奈子; とくだ, かなこ
Sep-2018 An Investigation of Applications of State Machines [課題研究報告書]Ferdous, Mohammad Farhan; ふえるどーす, もはまど ふあるはん
Sep-2018 内モンゴル人日本語学習者を対象とした格助詞学習法の開発韓, 薩如拉; はん, さるら
Sep-2018 Transparent ITO Nanohybrids of Biopolyimides with Various Side ChainsCharoencheep, Narubol; Charoencheep, Narubol
Sep-2018 Preparation of Au-composite supra-polysaccharide membrane with uniaxial orientationThongsuk, Kittiphong; とーんすく, きってぃぽん
Sep-2018 Microgeometric Twisting/snaking of Supra-Polysaccharide FibersBudpud, Kulisara; ぶっどぷっど, くりさら
Sep-2018 A Joint Model of Term Extraction and Polarity Classification for Aspect-based Sentiment AnalysisNguyen, Ngoc Gia Hy; ぐえん, ご ざ ふい
Sep-2018 標的型攻撃に用いられるC&Cサーバの検知に関する研究宣, 暢; せん, ちょう
Sep-2018 ビジネス・エコシステムを活用するITサービス構築モデルの提案―クラウドサービス企業の事例研究―番家, 賢一朗; ばんか, けんいちろう
Sep-2018 A Study on Correlates of Acoustic Features to Emotional Singing Voice SynthesisNguyen, Thi Hao; ぐえん, てぃ はお
23-Aug-2018 A Tutorial on Lossy Forwarding Cooperative RelayingHe, Jiguang; Tervo, Valtteri; Zhou, Xiaobo; He, Xin; Qian, Shen; Cheng, Meng; Juntti, Markku; Matsumoto, Tad
13-Aug-2018 A Conditional ℓ1 Regularized MMSE Channel Estimation Technique for IBI ChannelsTakano, Yasuhiro; Su, Hsuan-Jung; Juntti, Markku; Matsumoto, Tad
26-Jul-2018 Auditory-Inspired End-to-End Speech Emotion Recognition Using 3D Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks Based on Spectral-Temporal RepresentationPeng, Zhichao; Zhu, Zhi; Unoki, Masashi; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
25-Jul-2018 Nonparallel Dictionary-Based Voice Conversion Using Variational Autoencoder with Modulation-Spectrum-Constrained TrainingHo, Tuan Vu; Akagi, Masato
9-Jul-2018 Usability Evaluation of Open Source and Online Capture the Flag PlatformsNoor Azam, Muhammad Harith bin; Beuran, Razvan
Jul-2018 Predictive thermal comfort control for cyber-physical home systemsEn, Ooi Sian; Yoshiki, Makino; Lim, Yuto; Tan, Yasuo
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