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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Sep-2021 観光地における観光客の集中とその原因に関する研究―近江町市場を事例として― [課題研究報告書]王, 子瑞; おう, しずい
Sep-2021 Enhancing the Sensitivity of Lateral Flow Immunoassay by Magnetic Enrichment using Multifunctional Nanocomposite Probes何, 思樽; か, しそん
Sep-2021 A Study on Deep Learning Techniques for Textual Spam Detection [Project Report]吴, 学攸; う, しぇゆう
Sep-2021 Development of Vision-Based Tactile Sensing System for Robotic SwarmLe Dinh Minh, Nhat; れ でぃん みん, なっと
Sep-2021 Identifying behavioral intentions towards online food delivery service among young consumers張, 乃方; ちょう, だいほう
Sep-2021 The impact of corporate social responsibility activities on brand preference in the mobile phone industryZHONG, MENGYING; ちょう, むえい
Sep-2021 Multimodal Transfer Learning for Oral Presentation AssessmentSu, Shwe Yi Tun; す, しゃうぃ い とうん
Sep-2021 Graphical animations of authentication protocolsMon, Thet Wai; もん, さえと わい
Sep-2021 Ptolemaic graphの効率のよい列挙アルゴリズムの研究銭, 夢澤; せん, むたく
Sep-2021 Reconfiguration Problems of Shifting Tokens on GraphsMyint, Win Hlaing Hlaing; みいん, うぃん らいん らいん
Sep-2021 First-principles calculations of Sn 2D structures on InSb(111) kagome surface王, 秋宇; わん, ちうゆ
Sep-2021 3-D Printing Structured Models on Complex Substrates using 6-DOF Robot ArmLuu, Quan Khanh; るう, くあん はん
Sep-2021 ガチャゲームにおいて、認知バイアスが衝動購買行為に与える影響に関する 研究――「二重過程理論」に基づいてZhang, Yue; じゃん, ゆえ
Sep-2021 量子論理の量子計算的意味論[課題研究報告書]高木, 翼; たかぎ, つばさ
10-Aug-2021 Cooperative Lossy Communications in Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Networks: Age-of-Information with Outage ProbabilityLin, Wensheng; Li, Lixin; Yuan, Jinhong; Han, Zhu; Juntti, Markku; Matsumoto, Tad
Aug-2021 Planar Pushing of Unknown Objects Using a Large-Scale Simulation Dataset and Few-Shot LearningGao, Ziyan; ELIBOL, Armagan; Nak-Young, Chong
Jul-2021 A UAV-UUV Transformative Housing for Minimal Logistics Underwater ExplorationTsai, Chung Hsuan; Elibol, Armagan; Chong, Nak-Young
Jul-2021 Enabling Landings on Irregular Surfaces for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles via a Novel Robotic Landing GearHuang, Tsung Hsuan; Elibol, Armagan; Chong, Nak-Young
Jul-2021 A GAN-based Approach to Communicative Gesture Generation for Social RobotsNguyen, Tan Viet Tuyen; ELIBOL, Armagan; Nak-Young, Chong
Jul-2021 Algorithmically Improved Framework for Image-only Robotic MappingELIBOL, Armagan; Nak-Young, Chong
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