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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Dec-2021 Automatic Naturalness Recognition from Acted Speech Using Neural NetworksAtmaja, Bagus Tris; Sasou, Akira; Akagi, Masato
Mar-2016 Automatic Speech Emotion Recognition in Chinese Using a Three-layered Model in Dimensional ApproachLi, Xingfeng; Akagi, Masato
Sep-2021 Automatic Stub Generation for Dynamic Symbolic Execution of ARM binaryNguyen, Thi Van Anh; ぐえん, て ゔぁん あん
Sep-2016 Automatic stub generation from natural language descriptionLe, Vinh; れ, ゔぃん
Jul-2011 Automatic Summarization of Broadcasted Soccer Videos with Adaptive Fast-forwardingChen, Fan; De Vleeschouwer, Christophe
10-Jul-1995 Automatic texture mapping for 3-dimensional visualizationIwata, Hideaki; Kim, Jung Hwan; Horiguchi, Susumu; 岩田, 英朗; 堀口, 進; イワタ, ヒデアキ; ホリグチ, ススム
Sep-2011 Automatic translation from name-based pointcuts to analysis-based pointcuts for robust aspects王, 林; おう, りん
1999 Automatic Verification Based on Abstract InterpretationOgawa, Mizuhito
8-Jun-2016 Automatic Verification of Distributed Mobile Robot AlgorithmsBonnet, Francois
Jun-2005 Automating the dependency pair methodHirokawa, Nao; Middeldorp, Aart
2003 Automating the Dependency Pair MethodHirokawa, Nao; Middeldorp, Aart
19-Sep-2016 Autonomic healing of thermoplastic elastomer composed of triblock copolymerWatanabe, Ritsuko; Sako, Takumi; Korkiatithaweechai, Suphat; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
31-Aug-2012 Autonomous and Interactive Improvement of Binocular Visual Depth Estimation through Sensorimotor InteractionMann, Timothy A.; Park, Yunjung; Jeong, Sungmoon; Lee, Minho; Choe, Yoonsuck
29-Aug-2011 An autonomous framework to produce and distribute personalized team-sport video summaries: a basket-ball case studyChen, Fan; Delannay, Damien; Vleeschouwer, Christophe De
18-Aug-2013 Autonomous Learning Based on Depth Perception and Behavior GenerationJeong, Sungmoon; Park, Yunjung; Lee, Minho
Sep-2015 Autonomous Learning of Motion Parallax for Active Depth PerceptionPrucksakorn, Tanapol; ぷるっくさこーん, たなぽん
Dec-2019 Autonomous Speech Volume Control for Social Robots in a Noisy Environment Using Deep Reinforcement LearningBui, Ha-Duong; Chong, Nak Young
Sep-2003 Auナノ微粒子の強磁性的スピン偏極と保護材依存性中榮, 穣; なかえ, ゆたか
15-Dec-2021 Avengers against cancer: A new era of nano-biomaterial-based therapeuticsKumar, Nishant; Fazal, Sajid; Miyako, Eijiro; Matsumura, Kazuaki; Rajan, Robin
1-Dec-2014 Avoiding critical-point phonon instabilities in two-dimensional materials: The origin of the stripe formation in epitaxial siliceneLee, Chi-Cheng; Fleurence, Antoine; Friedlein, Rainer; Yamada-Takamura, Yukiko; Ozaki, Taisuke
2005 Aware Group Home : Person-Centered Care as Creative Problem SolvingTakatsuka, Ryozo; Fujinami, Tsutomu
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