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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-2003 Java言語の難読化に関する研究刑部, 裕介; さかべ, ゆうすけ
9-Oct-2010 JAグループにおける地域団体商標の出願傾向妹尾, 祥; 佐伯, とも子
Mar-2005 Jini技術とUNICOREを用いたリアルタイム可視化システムの構築浅野, 喜宣; あさの, よしのぶ
25-Nov-2013 Joint Adaptive Network-Channel Coding for Energy-Efficient Multiple Access RelayingLu, Pen-Shun; Zhou, Xiaobo; Anwar, Khoirul; Matsumoto, Tad
Aug-1995 Joint Decorrelating Multiuser Detection and Channel Estimation in Asynchronous CDMA Mobile Communications ChannelsKawahara, Toshiro; Matsumoto, Tadashi
Sep-2013 Joint Distributed Source-Channel Decoding for LDPC-Coded Binary Markov SourcesAsvadi, Reza; Matsumoto, Tad; Juntti, Markku
28-Oct-2017 A Joint Learning Framework of Visual Sensory Representation, Eye Movements, and Depth Representation for Developmental Robotic AgentsPrucksakorn, Tanapol; Jeong, Sungmoon; Chong, Nak Young
Apr-2015 Joint LZW and Lightweight Dictionary-based compression techniques for congested networkKHO, Lee Chin; TAN, Yasuo; LIM, Yuto
Sep-2018 A Joint Model of Term Extraction and Polarity Classification for Aspect-based Sentiment AnalysisNguyen, Ngoc Gia Hy; ぐえん, ご ざ ふい
2016 Joint Optimization of Power Allocation and Relay Position for Lossy-Forwarding RelayingQian, Shen; Juntti, Markku; Matsumoto, Tad
Mar-2019 Joint Optimization Scheme of Electric Vehicles and Smart Home Energies Considering User Comfort PreferenceLiu, Huan
Sep-2010 Joint Source-Channel Coding Using Multiple Label MappingTervo, Valtteri; Matsumoto, Tad; Karjalainen, Juha
Feb-2016 Joint Source-Channel Decoding for LDPC-coded Error-Corrupted Binary Markov SourcesZribi, Amin; Matsumoto, Tad; Pyndiah, Ramesh
2001 A joint spatial and temporal equalizer using separated spatial and temporal signal processing for broadband mobile radio communicationsTomisato, Shigeru; Matsumoto, Tadashi
Oct-2014 Joint turbo equalization and BICM-ID-based IDMA over frequency selective fading channelsWu, Kun; Anwar, Khoirul; Matsumoto, Tad
22-Oct-1992 JOIS科学技術文献データベースを用いた企業研究開発動向の分析曽根, 由紀子; 飯島, 邦男
Mar-2004 JPEG2000プロセスに適応させたWavelet変換による顔画像解析中村, 一也; なかむら, かずや
Dec-2002 JPEG2000プロセスに適応させたWavelet変換による顔画像認識中村,一也; 剣持,雪子; 小谷,一孔
24-Oct-2009 JSTと海外研究資金配分機関の研究成果の比較正木, 法雄; 近藤, 績; 星, 潤一; 島田, 昌; 鴨野, 則昭
21-Oct-2006 JST戦略的創造研究推進事業における研究成果の質の評価手法(<ホットイシュー> イノベーションその計測・評価 (3))佐々, 正; 吉田, 秀紀; 今井, 義治; 篠原, 譲司; 北澤, 宏一
8-Oct-1986 JT-60第一壁保護膜の開発稲川, 幸之助; 渡辺, 一弘; 斎藤, 一也; 伊藤, 昭夫
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