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タイトル: 問題データベースの構築・運用
その他のタイトル: Construction and Management of Problem Database
著者: 浅野, 哲夫
著者(別表記): ASANO, Tetsuo
キーワード: 問題データベース
発行日: Sep-2013
出版者: 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学 大学院教育イニシアティブセンター
抄録: Students are evaluated mostly by examination even in graduate courses, and thus good examinations are requested for quality assurance of the courses. However, it is not widely known what a good examination is or how to create fair and good problems. A bigger problem is that university professors have never been trained to prepare good examinations. This is a motivation for our database named Problem Database. The database is a collection of all kinds of problems related to one field, in our case, algorithms in computer science. The database encourages professors in the world to share problems for better examinations. The database was started last year and has been maintained in the past year. This reports surveys activities on the database in our center.
記述: Ⅱ.活動報告 / Center Activities, (3) 試験問題データベース構築の検討 / Establishment of Test Database
言語: jpn
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/11519
出現コレクション:80-3. CGEIアニュアルレポート 2012 (CGEI Annual Report 2012)


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