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アニュアルレポート2012 目次 / Contents

Ⅰ.はじめに / the beginning
A Message from the Director of the Center

Ⅱ.活動報告 / Center Activities
(1)FD・SDの取組 / Faculty Development・Staff Development
Faculty Development and Staff Development which Faculty members, Administrative Staffs and Students join

(2)質保証枠組みの方策 / Some Ways for Quality Assurance Framework

The Process for the Establishment of Quality Assurance Framework of Graduate Education

(3)試験問題データベース構築の検討 / Establishment of Test Database
Construction and Management of Problem Database

(4)e ポートフォリオ構築の検討 / Establishment of e-Portfolio
Development of ePortfolio at JAIST(JAISTEP)

(5)大学院教育・学士課程教育接続性調査 / Survey of connection between graduate and undergraduate education
A Report for Survey of the connection between Graduate and Undergraduate Education

(6)副テーマ研究の検討 / Survey of minor research project of JAIST
Survey of minor research project of JAIST

(7)海外における博士学位修了基準調査 / Survey of Criteria for Doctoral Requirement
Criteria for Doctoral Degree Qualification

(8) 日英における研究者流動性調査 / Researcher Mobility in Japan and United Kingdom
Researcher Mobility in Japan and United Kingdom

Ⅲ.センター関連イベント報告 / Event Report
(1) 大学院教育改革セミナー / Graduate Education Reform Seminar
大学院教育で育む知的たくましさ : グローバル化時代のリーダーに求められるもの
Developing Intellectual Strength through Graduate Education: Qualification for Leaders in the Age of Globalization

(2)JAIST 全学FD・SD セミナー / FD・SD Seminar

第1回全学FD・SDセミナー : JAISTの大学院教育について皆で語ろう!-大学共創によるチャレンジ-
Let's talk about JAIST Graduate Education! - University Co-creation Challenge -

第2回全学FD・SDセミナー : メンターシップについて学ぶ -教育力向上,職員力向上のために-
Let's Learn about Mentorship - For Improving Educational and Administrative Skills -

第3回全学FD・SDセミナー : 大学院における研究室教育の質保証について考える -研究室教育シラバスを活用して-
Let's think about Quality Assurance of Laboratory Education in Graduate School - Using Laboratory Education Syllabus -

(3)アドバイザー会議 / Advisor Meeting
A Report for Advisor Meeting

(4) サポートボード・セミナー / Support Board Seminar
A Report for Support Board Seminar

(5) トランスファラブル・スキル ミーティング / Transferable Skills Group
Transferable Skills Training Programs and Activities

Ⅳ.活動日誌・編集後記 / the ending
Activity Log

Editorial Note


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