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タイトル: Final Report of The Coding/Decoding Algorithms and Performance Comparison
著者: He, Jiguang
He, Xin
Hou, Jiancao
Jiang, Weiwei
K¨uhlmorgen, Sebastian
Matsumoto, Tad
Paatelma, Anton
Qian, Shen
Tervo, Valtteri
Wolf, Albrecht
Yi, Na
キーワード: 802.11 WiFi
cooperative relaying
distributed turbo code
error rate model
iterative decoding
lossy forwarding
multiple antennas
wireless networks
発行日: Jul-2016
出版者: EU FP7 RESCUE project
抄録: This deliverable provides comprehensive analytical and simulation results of the coding/decoding algorithms used in RESCUE. The algorithms are applied to various frameworks and investigated the applicability in selected cases. We also address the impact of lossy forwarding (LF) relaying in fading channels and specifically consider the evaluation of frame error rates (FERs) in comparison with lossless decode-andforward(DF). Moreover, the deliverable proposes an algorithm for opportunistic relay selection in LF-based networks where the best relay can be found using a machine learning method. Remarkable performance gains are observed in a case where LF concept is applied in multi-antenna scenario, in which relays can transmit and receive at the same time by using multiple antennas for interference cancelation. Furthermore, we apply joint decoding (JD) into IEEE 802.11WiFi standard. In addition, we present an error rate model for RESCUE physical layer to be used when designing higher layer protocols. After analyzing the results presented in this deliverable, we conclude that RESCUE concept is especially suitable for the cases where the retransmissions are not preferable or not even possible.
言語: eng
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/13797
出現コレクション:b80-1. その他の教育研究活動関連資料 (Other results of education and research)


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