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タイトル: Interim Report of Detailed Optimisation Algorithm and Performance Comparisons
著者: Matsumoto, Tad
Qian, Shen
Hou, Jiancao
Yi, Na
Matth´e, Maximilian
Wolf, Albrecht
Tervo, Valtteri
Zhou, Xiaobo
キーワード: power allocation
relay channel
erroneous decode-and-forward
outage probability
multiple antennas
chief executive officer
multiple access
発行日: Apr-2015
出版者: EU FP7 RESCUE project
抄録: One of the main tasks of RESCUE project is to exploit the optimal power allocation of the transmission nodes in the network to improve the system performance. In this deliverable, the intermediate results on the physical layer power optimisation algorithms with respect to different toy scenarios described in D1.2.1 are provided. Start from the toy scenario one, the outage probability based power allocation for the basic lossy-forward relaying system is investigated. Moreover, the system model is extended to multi-antennacase, where the relay-oriented source power allocation for the erroneous decode-and-forward relaying system is provided. For the toy scenario two, apart from the outage probability based power allocation, the joint relay nodes power allocation to equalize the signal to noise ratios limits for each relay decoder is also considered. Furthermore, the optimal power allocation algorithm for orthogonal multiple access relay channel with intra-link errors is proposed. Simulation results are provided to illustrate the improved performance of all the proposed algorithms by comparing with the conventional schemes.
言語: eng
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/13798
出現コレクション:b80-1. その他の教育研究活動関連資料 (Other results of education and research)


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