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Title: 不確定性を持つ問題を解くためのAND/OR木探索 : 衝立詰将棋を題材として
Authors: 作田, 誠
飯田, 弘之
Issue Date: 2002-01-15
Publisher: 情報処理学会
Magazine name: 情報処理学会論文誌
Volume: 43
Number: 1
Start page: 1
End page: 10
Abstract: 不完全情報2人ゲームである衝立将棋の詰め問題を題材として, 不確定性を持つ問題をAND/OR木探索として決定論的に解く手法を導入する.このAND/OR木は詰将棋など通常の完全情報2人ゲーム問題において生成されるものに比べてより一般化されており, 節点はそれぞれ不確定性を持つ.探索アルゴリズムとして, 局面表を活用した全幅深さ優先反復深化探索(ID), および証明数探索の深さ優先版の一種であるPDSを実装し動作を調べた.またPDSを不確定性のあるAND/OR木の探索に特化させたUPDSを開発しパラメータを変化させて動作を調べた.さらに, UPDSにおいて実行時にパラメータを順次変化させて解けるまで繰り返し探索を行うdpUPDS, および, UPDS, IDにおいて不確定性の探索閾値を小さな値から順次増加させて解けるまで繰り返し探索を行うuidUPDS, uidIDというバリエーションを考案・実装し動作を調べた.dpUPDS, uidUPDS, uidIDは解答能力が高く, 特にuidUPDSはすべての問題を解いた.しかし, 確実に最適解を得る効率の良い探索法は課題として残る. : This paper explores a deterministic approach to solving problems with uncertainty, using Screen-shogi problems, which are the mating probelms of Kriegspiel-like Shogi variant. Our programs resolve a search space into an AND/OR tree and solve a problem by searching the tree. The AND/OR tree, each of which node has an uncertainty, is more generic than that in solving a problem of a two-person complete-information game such as Tsume-Shogi. The search algorithms are implemented using a full-width depth-first iterative deepening(ID), and using PDS, which is one of the depth-first variants of the proof-number search. In addition, UPDS, which is a specialized version of PDS for an AND/OR tree with uncertainty, is proposed and examined with changing the parameters. Moreover, some search variations are developed and examined. One variation is dpUPDS, which performs iteration with changing the parameters of UPDS. The others are uidUPDS based on UPDS and uidID based on ID. Both variations perform iteration with increasing the search threshold of uncertainty. The solving abilities of dpUPDS, uidUPDS and uidID are high. Especially, the uidUPDS program has solved all problems. However, an efficient algorithm that always finds an optimal solution even for a hard problem still needs to be investigated.
Rights: 社団法人 情報処理学会, 作田誠, 飯田弘之, 情報処理学会論文誌, 43(1), 2002, 1-10. ここに掲載した著作物の利用に関する注意: 本著作物の著作権は(社)情報処理学会に帰属します。本著作物は著作権者である情報処理学会の許可のもとに掲載するものです。ご利用に当たっては「著作権法」ならびに「情報処理学会倫理綱領」に従うことをお願いいたします。 Notice for the use of this material: The copyright of this material is retained by the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ). This material is published on this web site with the agreement of the author (s) and the IPSJ. Please be complied with Copyright Law of Japan and the Code of Ethics of the IPSJ if any users wish to reproduce, make derivative work, distribute or make available to the public any part or whole thereof. All Rights Reserved, Copyright (C) Information Processing Society of Japan.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/4576
Material Type: publisher
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