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Title: Selection of Material for the Back Electrodes of Thin-Film Solar Cells Using Polycrystalline Silicon Films Formed by Flash Lamp Annealing
Authors: Ohdaira, Keisuke
Fujiwara, Tomoko
Endo, Yohei
Shiba, Kazuhiro
Takemoto, Hiroyuki
Matsumura, Hideki
Issue Date: 2010-04-20
Publisher: The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Magazine name: Japanese Journal of Applied Physics
Volume: 49
Start page: 04DP04-1
End page: 04DP04-3
DOI: 10.1143/JJAP.49.04DP04
Abstract: Flash lamp annealing (FLA), a rapid annealing technique with a millisecond-order duration, can form polycrystalline silicon (poly-Si) films of a few µm thickness on glass substrates by crystallizing precursor amorphous Si (a-Si) films without serious thermal damage to the substrates. We attempt to use several kinds of metal films for adhesion layers inserted between the Si films and the glass substrates to prevent Si film peeling during FLA. One of the requirements for the insertion metals is a melting point (T_<melt>) higher than 1414 ℃, to which the metal films could be heated during the crystallization induced by FLA. Of the metal films attempted, only Cr films can prevent Si film peeling from soda lime glass substrates, which have a much larger thermal expansion coefficient than quartz, indicating the necessity of sufficient adhesiveness to glass and Si as well as of a high T_<melt>. Actual solar cell operation is demonstrated using a flash-lamp-crystallized poly-Si film as an absorber layer and a Cr film as a back electrode.
Rights: This is the author's version of the work. It is posted here by permission of The Japan Society of Applied Physics. Copyright (C) 2010 The Japan Society of Applied Physics. Keisuke Ohdaira, Tomoko Fujiwara, Yohei Endo, Kazuhiro Shiba, Hiroyuki Takemoto, and Hideki Matsumura, Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 49, 2010, 04DP04-. http://jjap.jsap.jp/link?JJAP/49/04DP04/
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/9880
Material Type: author
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