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1-Sep-2004 Investigation of coarticulation in continuous speech of JapaneseDang, Jianwu; Honda, Masaaki; Honda, Kiyoshi
1-May-2009 Speech Enhancement based on Noise Eigenspace ProjectionYing, Dongwen; Unoki, Masashi; Lu, Xugang; Dang, Jianwu
2010 Comparison of Emotion Perception among Different CulturesDang, Jianwu; Li, Aijun; Erickson, Donna; Suemitsu, Atsuo; Akagi, Masato; Sakuraba, Kyoko; Minematsu, Nobuaki; Hirose, Keikichi
Jul-2011 Investigation of Auditory-Guided Speech Production while Learning Unfamiliar Speech SoundsFujii, Kazuya; Fang, Qiang; Dang, Jianwu
Jul-2011 Study of Control Strategy Mimicking Speech Motor Learning for a Physiological Articulatory ModelWu, Xiyu; Wei, Jianguo; Dang, Jianwu
1-Jul-2014 Iterative method to estimate muscle activation with a physiological articulatory modelWu, Xiyu; Dang, Jianwu; Stavness, Ian
2015 Generalized Finite Difference Time Domain Method and Its Application to AcousticsWei, Jianguo; Wang, Song; Hou, Qingzhi; Dang, Jianwu
26-Feb-2015 Combined node and link partitions method for finding overlapping communities in complex networksJin, Di; Gabrys, Bogdan; Dang, Jianwu
Jan-2016 A study on transvelar coupling for non-nasalized soundsDang, Jianwu; Wei, Jianguo; Honda, Kiyoshi; Nakai, Takayoshi
3-Jun-2016 発話過程の神経生理学的制御モデルの構築に関する研究党, 建武; Dang, Jianwu
15-Dec-2017 Speech Emotion Recognition Using Multichannel Parallel Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks based on Gammatone Auditory FilterbankPeng, Zhichao; Zhu, Zhi; Unoki, Masashi; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
26-Jul-2018 Auditory-Inspired End-to-End Speech Emotion Recognition Using 3D Convolutional Recurrent Neural Networks Based on Spectral-Temporal RepresentationPeng, Zhichao; Zhu, Zhi; Unoki, Masashi; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
30-May-2019 情動による感情音声発話のメカニズムとモデル化に関する研究党, 建武; Dang, Jianwu
19-Nov-2019 Dimensional Emotion Recognition from Speech Using Modulation Spectral Features and Recurrent Neural NetworkPeng, Zhichao; Zhu, Zhi; Unoki, Masashi; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
20-Jan-2020 Speech Emotion Recognition Using 3D Convolutions and Attention-Based Sliding Recurrent Networks With Auditory Front-EndsPeng, Zhichao; Li, Xingfeng; Zhu, Zhi; Unoki, Masashi; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
Dec-2021 Hierarchical Prosody Analysis Improves Categorical and Dimensional Emotion RecognitionLi, Xingfeng; Guo, Taiyang; Hu, Xinhui; Xu, Xinkang; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
Dec-2021 Study on Simultaneous Estimation of Glottal Source and Vocal Tract Parameters by ARMAX-LF Model for Speech Analysis/SynthesisLi, Kai; Unoki, Masashi; Li, Yongwei; Dang, Jianwu; Akagi, Masato
Sep-2022 Data Augmentation Using McAdams-Coefficient-Based Speaker Anonymization for Fake Audio DetectionLi, Kai; Li, Sheng; Lu, Xugang; Akagi, Masato; Liu, Meng; Zhang, Lin; Zeng, Chang; Wang, Longbiao; Dang, Jianwu; Unoki, Masashi


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