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13-Dec-2018 Proton Conductivity and Oriented Structure of Nafion Thin Films on the Au-Deposited Surface and MgO SubstrateNagao, Yuki; Enta, Aoi; Suwansoontorn, Athchaya; Ono, Yutaro
3-Jun-2020 Simple and universal synthesis of sulfonated porous organic polymers with high proton conductivityLi, Zhongping; Yao, Yuze; Wang, Dongjin; Hasan, Md. Mahmudul; Suwansoontorn, Athchaya; Li, He; Du, Gang; Liu, Zhaohan; Nagao, Yuki
16-Jul-2020 Sulfonated Triazine-Based Porous Organic Polymer for Excellent Proton ConductivityLi, Zhongping; Liu, Zhaohan; Li, He; Hasan, Md Mahmudul; Suwansoontorn, Athchaya; Du, Gang; Wang, Dongjin; Zhang, Yuwei; Nagao, Yuki
22-Jul-2020 A simple and cost-effective synthesis of ionic porous organic polymers with excellent porosity for high iodine captureLi, Zhongping; Li, He; Wang, Dongjin; Suwansoontorn, Athchaya; Du, Gang; Liu, Zhaohan; Hasan, Md. Mahmudul; Nagao, Yuki
Sep-2021 弱酸ポリマーの合成と電界効果トランジスタに対する電気的性質の研究SUWANSOONTORN, Athchaya; すわんすんとん, あとちゃや


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