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MURUGANATHAN, Manoharan(ムルガナタン マノハラン)講師研究者総覧

1 外部電界によるグラフェン-化学分子ファンデルワールス相互作用制御と高機能素子応用 / Muruganathan, Manoharan, 科学研究費助成事業研究成果報告書, pp.1-5, 2018-06-01
2 The impacts of electronic state hybridization on the binding energy of single phosphorus donor electrons in extremely downscaled silicon nanostructures / Anh, Le The, Moraru, Daniel, Manoharan, Muruganathan, Tabe, Michiharu, Mizuta, Hiroshi, Journal of Applied Physics, 116(6), pp.063705-1-063705-9, 2014-08-12, American Institute of Physics
3 Low pull-in voltage graphene electromechanical switch fabricated with a polymer sacrificial spacer / Sun, Jian, Wang, Wenzhen, Muruganathan, Manoharan, Mizuta, Hiroshi, Applied Physics Letters, 105(3), pp.033103-01-033103-04, 2014-07-21, American Institute of Physics


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