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Kyogoku, Yoshimasa
Kyoya, Yuji
K¨uhlmorgen, Sebastian
L. Demaine, Martin
Lagally, M. G.
Lai, Chean Hung
Lai, Dac Viet
Lai, Kin Keung
Lalinorasate, Paveena
Lam, Pham Tien
Lanfang, Meng
Laokroekkiat, Salinthip
Laszlo, Kiss
Latt, Khin Thida
Lau, Sim Guan
Lavigne, Fabien
Law Enforcing Information System,Software Accountability,Course Registration System,JavaEE
Lawry, Jonathan
Le Vo Hue, Quan
Le, Anh Cuong
Le, Anh-Cuong
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