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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Sep-2005 Synthesis of Optically Active Siloxane-containing Polymers and Siloxane Gels周, 大慶; しゅう, だいちん
Mar-1996 Synthesis of Polyoxetanes with Plural Numbers of Mesogenic Group In the Repeating Unit加藤, 康浩
2010 Synthesis of Size and Shape Controlled Silver Nanoparticles Coated by a Thin Layer of Gold and Their Use as Ultrasensitive Biomolecular ProbesMott, Derrick; Nguyen, T. B. Thuy; Aoki, Yoshiya; Maenosono, Shinya
30-Jun-1999 Synthesis of supervisors using learning algorithm of regular languagesHiraishi, Kunihiko
2011 Synthesis of well-defined hyperbranched polymers bio-based on multifunctional phenolic acids and their structure-thermal property relationshipsWang, Siqian; Tateyama, Seiji; Kaneko, Daisaku; Ohki, Shin-ya; Kaneko, Tatsuo
10-Oct-2010 Synthesis, characterization, and OLED application of oligo(p-phenylene ethynylene)s with polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) as pendant groupsErvithayasuporn, Vuthichai; Abe, Junichi; Wang, Xin; Matsushima, Toshinori; Murata, Hideyuki; Kawakami, Yusuke
3-Aug-2011 Synthesis, Fabrication, and Characterization of Multidimensional Nanoparticle Based Thermoelectric Materials Composed of Bismuth, Antimony, and TelluriumMott, Derrick; Mai, Nguyen T.; Thuy, Nguyen T. B.; Sakata, Teruyoshi; Koyano, Mikio; Maenosono, Shinya
May-2007 Synthesis-condition dependence of carbon nanotube growth by alcohol catalytic chemical vapor deposition methodInami, Nobuhito; Mohamed, Mohd Ambri; Shikoh, Eiji; Fujiwara, Akihiko
Mar-2014 System design and analysis for maximum consuming power control in smart houseUmer, Saher; Kaneko, Mineo; Tan, Yasuo; Lim, Azman Osman
Nov-2005 System Dynamics Market Model with Aspects of Economic PolicyStanislava, Mildeova; Ingeborg, Nemcova; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Apr-2014 System scenarios and technical requirementsAnwar, Khoirul; Khalife, Hicham; Komulainen, Petri; Ma, Yi; Mariani, Filippo; Matsumoto, Tad; Matthé, Maximilian; Natkaniec, Marek; Szott, Szymon; Wszolek, Jacek; Yi, Na; Zhou, Xiaobo; Editor: Petri Komulainen
Nov-2005 System Science and the Cybersemiotic Model of CommunicationSøren, Brier; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Sep-2006 System-level performance evaluation of MMSE MIMO turbo equalization techniques using measurement dataSarestoniemi, Mariella; Matsumoto, Tad; Schneider, Christian; Thoma, Reiner
Aug-2002 System-Level Performance Evaluations of Spatio-Temporal Equalizers Using Two-Dimensional Channel Sounding Field Measurement DataMatsumoto, Tad; Yamada, Takefumi; Tomisato, Shigeru
9-Apr-2014 Systematic study of electronic and magnetic properties for Cu_<12-x> TM_xSb_4S_<13> (TM = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, and Zn) tetrahedriteSuekuni, K.; Tomizawa, Y.; Ozaki, T.; Koyano, M.
Nov-2005 Systemic Epistemology : A synthetic view for the systems Sciences FoundationsMaria, Mercedes Clusella; Maria, Eugenia Ortiz; Pedro, Antonio Luna; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Nov-2005 Systems for Integrating and Creating KnowledgeNakamori, Yoshiteru; Andrzej, P. Wierzbicki; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
2014 Systems Intelligence in Knowledge Management Implementation: A Momentum of the SECI ModelSasaki, Yasuo
Nov-2007 Systems Science and Traditional Chinese MedicineGu, Jifa; Liu, Yijun; Song, Wuqi; Zhu, Zhengyang; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Wang, Zhongtuo; Gu, Jifa; Ma, Tieju
1-May-2001 A Systolic Array RLS ProcessorASAI, Takahiro; MATSUMOTO, Tadashi
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