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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-2003 TCNQ誘導体を有するバイラジカル化合物の物性評価川井, 貴友; かわい, たかとも
Mar-1997 TCNQ誘導体を用いた d-π型電荷移動錯体の構造と物性千代, 智美; せんよ, ともみ
Mar-1997 TCP/IP輻輳制御の性能改善に関する研究大嶋, 健司; おおしま, けんじ
Mar-2012 Teaching Science and Technology in English for the Global Knowledge Economy: A Case Study of the Higher Education Policy-Making Process in MalaysiaZaaba, Zuraidah binti
15-Oct-2004 The Technological Activity of Indonesian State-own Enterprise : a contribution to its performanceWihandoko, Wisnu; 渡辺, 千仭
24-Oct-2002 Technological and Geographical distance : Empirical analysis of its correlation. Case JapanCarlos, Carvajal; 渡辺, 千仭
Nov-2005 Technology and Change : The Role of Technology in Knowledge CivilizationAndrzej, P. Wierzbicki; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
27-Oct-2012 Technology Capacity Building and the University-Industry Linkage of the Thai Hard Disk Drive IndustrySiripitakchai, Naparat; Miyazaki, Kumiko
27-Oct-1990 TECHNOLOGY IN と OUT伊藤, 宇一
22-Oct-2005 Technology Roadmapping for Nanotechnology InnovationISLAM, Nazrul; MIYAZAKI, Kumiko
22-Oct-1992 Technology Transfer to Developing Countries張, 仲梁
20-Aug-2001 Tele-Handshake: Cooperative Shared Haptic Virtual EnvironmentALHALABI, M. Osama; HORIGUCHI, Susumu
Mar-2019 TEM-STMホルダーを用いたシリコンナノワイヤの評価黒田, 雄貴; くろだ, ゆうき
Mar-2021 TEM-STM法によるシリコンナノ接点その場電気伝導計測藤嶋, 紘充; ふじしま, ひろみつ
2003 Temperature Dependence of Photoconductivity at 0.7 eV in Single-wall Carbon Nanotube FilmsMatsuoka, Y; Fujiwara, A; Ogawa, N; Miyano, K; Kataura, H; Maniwa, Y; Suzuki, S; Achiba, Y
Jun-2008 Temperature-independent electron tunneling injection in tris (8-hydroxyquinoline) aluminum thin film from high-work-function gold electrodeMatsushima, Toshinori; Adachia, Chihaya
Mar-2003 Temporal Analysis of Products(TAP)法を用いたZiegler触媒の活性点形成反応の解析鈴木, 正太郎; すずき, しょうたろう
Mar-2002 Temporal DecompositionとSTRAIGHTを用いた低ビットレート音声符号化に関する研究越智, 崇夫; おち, たかお
1-Jun-2001 Temporal epistemic logics for multi-agent systemsMARUYAMA, AKIO
8-Feb-2018 Temporal recalibration of motor and visual potentials in lag adaptation in voluntary movementCai, Chang; Ogawa, Kenji; Kochiyama, Takanori; Tanaka, Hirokazu; Imamizu, Hiroshi
Dec-2014 Tensor factorization of complex modulation spectrogram using complex NMF for single-channel source separation柾谷, 将吾; まさや, しょうご
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