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Date of IssueTitle Authors
24-Oct-2009 WEPAN(米国) : Women in Engineering Programs & Advocates Network吉祥, 瑞枝
13-Nov-2014 Wetting effect on optical sum frequency generation (SFG) spectra of d-glucose, d-fructose, and sucroseHieu, Hoang Chi; Li, Hongyan; Miyauchi, Yoshihiro; Mizutani, Goro; Fujita, Naoko; Nakamura, Yasunori
Mar-2004 Wetオゾン法により形成したSi酸化膜の膜質特性西尾, 真一; にしお, しんいち
21-Dec-2001 Wevelet変換を用いた顔画像の特徴解析に関する研究 : JPEG2000システムにおける顔画像認識システムの基礎検討金森, 証; 小谷, 一孔; Kanamori, Akira; Kotani, Kazunori; カナモリ, アキラ; コタニ, カズノリ
Sep-2009 When Existing and Emerging Disciplines Meet: Library and Information Science vs Knowledge ManagementRoknuzzaman, Md.
23-Feb-2018 Where is a line between work and play?Iida, Hiroyuki
2015 Which types of learning make a simple game complex?Hidaka, Shohei; Torii, Takuma; Masumi, Akira
27-Oct-2007 Who will be the Frontier in Next Software Outsourcing? : A comparative analysis between Indian and China focusing on their institutional systems(English Session)趙, 偉琳; 渡辺, 千仭
26-Oct-2019 Why disruptive inclusive innovation (DII) is necessary for reaching SDGs? What are the features of eco-system for the new pathway towards sustainable development?Iizuka, Michiko; Hane, Gerald
Mar-2010 Wikipedia 記事再編集支援のための履歴可視化システム塩谷, 圭甫; しおや, けいすけ
Nov-2005 Will Systems Work? A search for models for the 21^<st> centuryGary, Metcalf; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Oct-2010 Windowsサーバ環境更新による端末の展開について間藤, 真人
Mar-1997 Wire-Tap通信路において秘密伝送を可能にする線形ブロック符号の構成法大塚, 哲治; おおつか, てつじ
6-Oct-2006 Wireless LAN emulationBeuran, Razvan; Nguyen, Lan Tien; Latt, Khin Thida; Nakata, Junya; Shinoda, Yoichi
Oct-2012 Wireless Mesh Networks Allowing Intra-Link Errors: CEO Problem ViewpointHe, Xin; Zhou, Xiaobo; Anwar, Khoirul; Matsumoto, Tad
Feb-1987 A WN_x Gate Self-Aligned GaAs p-Channel MESFET for Complementary LogicWoodhead, Jonathan; Uchitomi, Naotaka; Kameyama, Atushi; Ikawa, Yasuo; Toyoda, Nobuyuki
Nov-2005 The Word Clustering Method for Lexical Knowledge Acquisition from Domain-Specific DocumentsSAITO, Takahiro; WATANABE, Isamu; MATSUI, Kunio; TERADA, Akira; SAITO, Takashi; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Nov-2005 WORKSHOP : NEW ROLES OF SYSTEMS SCIENCE IN A KNOWLEDGE SOCIETY : Introductory provocationMatjaz, MULEJ; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
21-Dec-2017 Workshop Design for Enhancing the Appropriateness of Idea Generation Using Analogical ThinkingKim, Eunyoung
Mar-2018 Wrap-aroundリンク使用を考慮したTwistedトーラスのルーティングアルゴリズム守屋, 拓; もりや, ひらく
Nov-2005 Wrapper Feature Extraction for Time Series Classification Using Singular Value DecompositionHui, Zhang; Tu, Bao Ho; Kawasaki, Saori; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
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