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タイトル: Adaptive Navigation Control for Swarms of Autonomous Mobile Robots
著者: Nishimura, Yasuhiro
Lee, Geunho
Chong, Nak Young
Ji, Sang Hoon
Cho, Young-Jo
キーワード: robot swarms
distributed approach
adaptive navigation
dead-end passage
local interaction
発行日: 2011-07
出版者: InTech
誌名: Advances in Robot Navigation
開始ページ: 101
終了ページ: 118
抄録: This paper was devoted to developing a new and general coordinated adaptive navigation scheme for large-scale mobile robot swarms adapting to geographically constrained environments. Our distributed solution approach was built on the following assumptions: anonymity, disagreement on common coordinate systems, no pre-selected leader, and no direct communication. The proposed adaptive navigation was largely composed of four functions, commonly relying on dynamic neighbor selection and local interaction. When each robot found itself what situation it was in, individual appropriate ranges for neighbor selection were defined within its limited sensing boundary and the robots properly selected their neighbors in the limited range. Through local interactions with the neighbors, each robot could maintain a uniform distance to its neighbors, and adapt their direction of heading and geometric shape. More specifically, under the proposed adaptive navigation, a group of robots could be trapped in a dead-end passage,but they merge with an adjacent group to emergently escape from the dead-end passage. Furthermore, we verified the effectiveness of the proposed strategy using our in-housesimulator. The simulation results clearly demonstrated that the proposed algorithm is a simple yet robust approach to autonomous navigation of robot swarms in highlyclutteredenvironments. Since our algorithm is local and completely scalable to any size, it is easily implementable on a wide variety of resource-constrained mobile robots andplatforms. Our adaptive navigation control for mobile robot swarms is expected to be used in many applications ranging from examination and assessment of hazardous environments to domestic applications.
Rights: Yasuhiro Nishimura, Geunho Lee, Nak Young Chong, Sang Hoon Ji and Young-Jo Cho (2011). Adaptive Navigation Control for Swarms of Autonomous Mobile Robots, Advances in Robot Navigation, Alejandra Barrera (Ed.), ISBN: 978-953-307-346-0, InTech, Available from: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/adaptive-navigation-control-for-swarms-of-autonomous-mobile-robots
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/10288
資料タイプ: publisher
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