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タイトル: Automatic Generation of Model Checking Scripts based on Environment Modeling
著者: Yatake, Kenro
Nishibata, Hirokazu
Aoki, Toshiaki
発行日: 2010-02-10
出版者: 北陸先端科学技術大学院大学情報科学研究科
誌名: Research report (School of Information Science, Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
巻: IS-RR-2010-001
開始ページ: 1
終了ページ: 8
抄録: When applying model checking to the design models of the embedded systems, it is necessary to model not only the behavior of the target system but also that of the environment surrounding the system. In this paper, we present a UML-based method to model the environment and to generate environment instances from the model. In our method, we can flexibly model the variation of the environment structures and the sequences of the function calls using class diagrams andstatechart diagrams. We also present a tool to automatically generate Promela/Spin scripts from the environment model. In this paper, we explain the details of our method and the verification of an RTOS design model using the tool.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/8839
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