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Dec-2012 Speech Emotion Recognition System Based on a Dimensional Approach Using a Three-Layered ModelElbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato
Oct-2013 Cross-lingual Speech Emotion Recognition System Based on a Three-Layer Model for Human PerceptionElbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato
2014 Improving speech emotion dimensions estimation using a three-layer model of human perceptionElbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato
Jul-2014 Toward relaying emotional state for speech-to-speech translator: Estimation of emotional state for synthesizing speech with emotionAkagi, Masato; Elbarougy, Reda
Aug-2014 Emotional Speech Recognition and Synthesis in Multiple Languages toward Affective Speech-to-Speech Translation SystemAkagi, Masato; Han, Xiao; Elbarougy, Reda; Hamada, Yasuhiro; Li, Junfeng
Sep-2014 Toward relaying an affective Speech-to-Speech translator: Cross-language perception of emotional state represented by emotion dimensionsElbarougy, Reda; Xiao, Han; Akagi, Masato; Li, Junfeng
Feb-2015 A study on perception of emotional states in multiple languages on Valence-Activation approachHan, Xiao; Elbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato; Li, Junfeng; Ngo, Thi Duyen; Bui, The Duy
Dec-2015 Study on method to control fundamental frequency contour related to a position on Valence-Activation spaceHamada, Yasuhiro; Elbarougy, Reda; Xue, Yuawn; Akagi, Masato
Oct-2016 Voice conversion system to emotional speech in multiple languages based on three-layered model for dimensional spaceXue, Yawen; Hamada, Yasuhiro; Elbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato
18-Oct-2016 Optimizing Fuzzy Inference Systems for Improving Speech Emotion RecognitionElbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato
1-Nov-2017 Feature Selection Method for Real-time Speech Emotion RecognitionElbarougy, Reda; Akagi, Masato
1-Nov-2020 Continuous Audiovisual Emotion Recognition Using Feature Selection and LSTMElbarougy, Reda; Atmaja, Bagus Tris; Akagi, Masato


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