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ZHANG, Xiaobin(ジャン シャオビン)助教研究者総覧

1 Interaction study of nitrogen ion beam with silicon / Schmidt, Marek E., Zhang, Xiaobin, Oshima, Yoshifumi, Anh, Le The, Yasaka, Anto, Kanzaki, Teruhisa, Muruganathan, Manoharan, Akabori, Masashi, Shimoda, Tatsuya, Mizuta, Hiroshi, Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, 35(3), pp.03D101-, 2017-02-24, American Vacuum Society
2 A stable lithium-rich surface structure for lithium-rich layered cathode materials / Kim, Sangryun, Cho, Woosuk, Zhang, Xiaobin, Oshima, Yoshifumi, Choi, Jang Wook, Nature Communications, 7, pp.Article number: 13598-, 2016-11-25, Springer Nature
3 Practical procedure for retrieval of quantitative phase map for two-phase interface using the transport of intensity equation / Zhang, Xiaobin, Oshima, Yoshifumi, Ultramicroscopy, 158, pp.49-55, 2015-07-04, Elsevier


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