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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Oct-2001 Rheological Properties of Low Density Polyethylenes Produced by Tubular and Vessel ProcessesYamaguchi, Masayuki; Takahashi, Masaoki
Sep-2011 Rheological Properties of Polypropylene Melt Modified by Polytetrafluoroethylene FiberMd Ali, Mohd Amran
Dec-2016 Rheological response under non-isothermal stretching for immiscible blends of isotactic polypropylene and acrylate polymerSeemork, Jiraporn; Sako, Takumi; Mohd Amran, Bin Md Ali; Yamaguchi, Masayuki
1-Nov-2013 Rheology Printing for Metal-Oxide Patterns and DevicesKaneda, Toshihiko; Hirose, Daisuke; Miyasako, Takaaki; Tue, Phan Trong; Murakami, Yoshitaka; Kohara, Shinji; Li, Jinwang; Mitani, Tadaoki; Tokumitsu, Eisuke; Shimoda, Tatsuya
24-Nov-2009 Rhythmic pore dynamics in a shrinking lipid vesicleHamada, Tsutomu; Hirabayashi, Yuichi; Ohta, Takao; Takagi, Masahiro
Aug-2009 Risk Factors of the Long Tail in Mobile Manga SalesSugihara, Taro; Kobayashi, Yoshiya; Ikawa, Yasuo
27-Oct-2007 Risk Management in Outsourcing Service Industry : Suggestions from a portfolio analysis of India's case(English Session)趙, 偉琳; 渡辺, 千仭
Oct-2017 A risk model for indoor environment safetyYang, Zhengguo; Lim, Yuto; Tan, Yasuo
28-Oct-2017 RISTEXにおける共創的研究開発プログラムの評価安藤, 二香; 田原, 敬一郎
Mar-1998 RNiSn(R=Pr,Nd,Tb) の単結晶育成と物性評価原, 麗子; はら, れいこ
Nov-2007 A Road Mapping Approach for Research Cooperation among Academia Industry and GovernmentYan, Jie; Ma, Tieju; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Nakamori, Yoshiteru; Wang, Zhongtuo; Gu, Jifa; Ma, Tieju
15-Oct-2004 Roadmapping : a Promising Practice for Developing Core Competence through Collective LearningWang, Lei; Kameoka, Akio; Ikawa, Yasuo; Li, Meng
2007 Roadmapping and i -SystemsMa, Tieju; Yan, Hongbin; Nakamori, Yoshiteru
Mar-2017 Robot Emotion Representation Activated by Visual Images and MemoriesDang, Quyen Thi Le; だん, くえん てぃ れ
Nov-2019 Robot Social Emotional Development through Memory RetrievalBui, Ha-Duong; Dang, Thi Le Quyen; Chong, Nak Young
2004 Robots on Self-Organizing Knowledge NetworksChong, Nak Young; Hongu, Hiroshi; Miyazaki, Manabu; Takemura, Koji; Ohara, Kenichi; Ohba, Kohtaro; Hirai, Shigeoki; Tanie, Kazuo
Mar-2003 Robust and Cryptographically Secure Pseudo-Random Bit GenerationMpho, Tjabane
Mar-2016 Robust Content-based Image Hash Functions Using Nested Lattice CodesNguyen Xuan, Thanh
Jan-2009 Robust DOA estimation and target docking for mobile robotsKim, Myungsik; Nak Young, Chong; Yu, Wonpil
Dec-2007 A Robust Fingerprint Indexing Scheme Using Minutia Neighborhood Structure and Low-Order Delaunay TrianglesLiang, Xuefeng; Bishnu, A; Asano, T
24-Sep-2008 Robust front end processing for speech recognition in reverberant environments: Utilization of speech characteristicsPetrick, Rico; Lu, Xugang; Unoki, Masashi; Akagi, Masato; Hoffmann, Ruediger
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