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Date of IssueTitle Authors
5-Oct-1995 HDTV開発プロジェクトの展開メカニズム神橋, 基博; 伊地知, 寛博; 平澤, 泠
2007 Hearing – From Sensory Processing to Perception: Estimates of tuning of auditory filter using simultaneous and forward notched-noise maskingUnoki, Masashi; Miyauchi, Ryota; Tan, Chin-Tuan
Mar-2016 Hemilabile型シルセスキオキサン担持クロム触媒の配位環境設計とエチレン重合特性馬場, 竜希; ばば, りゅうき
Dec-2015 Heterogeneous Sensing for Temperature Control in Cyber-Physical Smart Home SystemsChung, Linh Thuy
1-May-2005 A Heuristic Algorithm for One-Machine Just-In-Time Scheduling Problem with Periodic Time SlotsCHIBA, Eishi; HIRAISHI, Kunihiko
May-2006 Heuristics for Generating a Simple Polygonalizationpolygonalization; Teramoto Sachio; Motoki Mitsuo; Uehara Ryuhei; Asano Tetsuo
2011 Hidden Credential Retrieval Without Random OraclesMiyaji, Atsuko; Rahman, Mohammad Shahriar; Soshi, Masakazu
18-Feb-2010 A Hidden Topic-Based Framework toward Building Applications with Short Web DocumentsPhan, Xuan-Hieu; Nguyen,Cam-Tu; Le, Dieu-Thu; Nguyen, Le-Minh; Horiguchi, Susumu; Ha, Quang-Thuy
29-Aug-2000 Hierarchical 3D-torus interconnection network for massively parallel compHoriguchi, S.; Ooki, T.
Mar-2006 Hierarchical Interconnection Networks for Massively Parallel ComputersM., M., Hafizur Rahman
21-Oct-2006 Hierarchical Network of Tacit Knowledge for the Acceleration of Sustainable Global InnovationKuwahara, Yutaka
Oct-2008 Hierarchical organization of the coordinative structure of the skill of clay kneadingYamamoto, Tomoyuki; Fujinami, Tsutomu
23-Mar-1999 The hierarchy of dependency pairsKusakari, Keiichirou; Toyama, Yoshihito
Jan-2010 High electron mobility layers of triazines for improving driving voltages, power conversion efficiencies, and operational stability of organic light-emitting diodesMatsushima, Toshinori; Takamori, Mayumi; Miyashita, Yuichi; Honma, Yoko; Tanaka, Tsuyoshi; Aihara, Hidenori; Murata, Hideyuki
Mar-2002 High field effect on ultrafast pump-probe excitation of compound semiconductorsIida, Masaru; Katayama, Shin'ichi
22-Jun-2002 High levels of alkali metal storage in thin films of hexa-peri-hexabenzocoroneneKeil, M.; Samori, P.; Santos, D. A. dos; Birgerson, J.; Friedlein, R.; Dkhissi, A.; Watson, M.; Mullen, K.; Bredas, J. L.; J. P. Rabe and W. R. Salaneck
2014 High Performance Activity Recognition Framework for Ambient Assisted Living in The Home Network EnvironmentWongpatikaseree, Konlakorn; Lim, Azman Osman; Ikeda, Mitsuru; Tan, Yasuo
Mar-2012 High Performance Hierarchical Torus Network Under Adverse Traffic PatternsRahman, M. M. Hafizur; Sato, Yukinori; Inoguchi, Yasushi
Sep-2009 High Performance Holographic Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal Systems by Using the Poly(propylene glycol) Derivatives with Methacrylate and Triethoxysilyl GroupsJarernbunthitchai, Watthanapol
Mar-2021 High Performance Multiply-Accumulate Unit Bases on Wallace Tree and Parallel Prefix Adder牛, 軍; ぎゅう, ぐん
Nov-2005 A High Precision Algorithm for Automatic Extraction of High-frequency Words Based on StatisticsXUAN, Zhaoguo; DANG, Yanzhong; JIANG, Shaohua; ZHAO, Mingwei; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
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