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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Mar-2009 UML図面要素間の依存関係の自動生成法金井, 健太郎; かない, けんたろう
15-Jul-2008 UML記述の変更波及解析に利用可能な依存関係の自動生成小谷, 正行; 落水, 浩一郎; Kotani, Masayuki; Ochimizu, Koichiro
5-Nov-2016 Un-captured GDP : イノベーション通念の刷新 : フィンランド科学アカデミーの挑戦渡辺, 千仭
2013 Uncertainty in financial econometrics: EditorialHuynh, Van-Nam; Kreinovich, Vladik
1-Nov-2011 Unconditionally Secure Oblivious Transfer Based on Channel DelaysCheong, Kai-Yuen; Miyaji, Atsuko
2008 Uncurrying for TerminationHirokawa, Nao; Middeldorp, Aart; Zankl, Harald
25-Apr-2012 Uncurrying for Termination and ComplexityHirokawa, Nao; Middeldorp, Aart; Zankl, Harald
Nov-2005 Understanding a Large Scientific Project from Network PerspectiveKun, NIE; Xijin, TANG; Jifa, Gu; NAKAMORI, Yoshiteru; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
2-Jun-2020 Understanding Nonverbal Communication Cues of Human Personality Traits in Human-Robot InteractionShen, Zhihao; Elibol, Armagan; Chong, Nak Young
Mar-2018 Understanding the Effects of Game in Educational Environment using Game Refinement MeasureHuynh, Phuong Duy; ふぃん, ふぉん ずい
Mar-2022 Underwater Image Enhancement Based on Attention Mechanism and Multi-scale Generative Adversarial Network劉, 金華; りゅう, きんか
2016 Unfolding and Dissection of Multiple CubesAbel, Zach; Ballinger, Bran; Demaine, Erik D; Demaine, Martin L; Erickson, Jeff; Hesterberg, Adam; Ito, Hiro; Kostitsyana, Irina; Lynch, Jayson; Uehara, Ryuhei
2017 Unfolding and Dissection of Multiple Cubes, Tetrahedra, and Doubly Covered SquaresAbel, Zach; Ballinger, Brad; D. Demaine, Erik; L. Demaine, Martin; Erickson, Jeff; Hesterberg, Adam; Ito, Hiro; Kostitsyna, Irina; Lynch, Jayson; Uehara, Ryuhei
Jan-1993 Unified Analysis on Performance Limits of Coded Multilevel DPSK in Rayleigh Fading ChannelsMatsumoto, T.; Adachi, F.
29-Dec-2018 A Unified Framework for Operational Range Estimation of Mobile Robots Operating on a Single Discharge to Avoid Complete ImmobilizationTiwari, Kshitij; Xiao, Xuesu; Malik, Ashish; Chong, Nak Young
Mar-2001 A Unified Scheme for Detecting Fundamental Curves in Binary Edge ImagesAsano, Tetsuo; Katoh, Naoki; Tokuyama, Takeshi
31-Dec-2011 The uniform boundedness theorem and a boundedness principleIshihara, Hajime
2001 Uniform Normalisation beyond OrthogonalityKhasidashvili, Zurab; Ogawa, Mizuhito; Oostrom, Vincent van
1-Nov-1999 Unintentional Technology Spillover between Two Sectors : Kinetic Approach渡辺, 千仭; 許, 光仁
2007 Unique Existence and Computability in Constructive Reverse MathematicsIshihara, Hajime
6-May-2001 Unique normal form property of compatible term rewriting systems: a new proof of Chew's theoremMano, Ken; Ogawa, Mizuhito
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