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Date of IssueTitle Authors
9-Oct-2010 OECDイノベーション戦略の概要と我が国の科学技術政策への示唆下田, 隆二
1-Nov-2006 OFDM地上波ディジタルテレビ放送信号のFM変調による衛星伝送コイルー, アンワル; 原, 孝雄; 岡田, 実; 山本, 平一; ANWAR, Khoirul; HARA, Takao; OKADA, Minoru; YAMAMOTO, Heiichi
14-Mar-2008 Office Buzz Channel:区分・分散オフィスの風通しを良くするブロードキャスト型アウェアネス伝達チャネルとその応用西本, 一志; Nishimoto, Kazushi
29-Apr-2021 OH^- Conductive Properties and Water Uptake of Anion Exchange Thin FilmsWang, Fangfang; Wang, Dongjin; Nagao, Yuki
Sep-2011 Olefin hydrogenation catalysis of platinum nanocrystals with different shapes曹, 明; かお, みん
14-May-2004 On accrual failure detectorsDefago, Xavier; Urban, Peter; Hayashibara, Naohiro; Katayama, Takuya
12-Mar-2009 On AgdaKinoshita, Yoshiki; Yamagata, Yoriyuki
Aug-2004 On Anonymity Metrics for Practical Anonymous Communication ProtocolsKitazawa, Shigeki; Soshi, Masakazu; Miyaji, Atsuko
Mar-2017 On Automatic Cyber Range Instantiation for Facilitating Security TrainingPham, Cuong Duy; ふあむ, くおん ずい
2012 On bipartite powers of bigraphsOkamoto, Yoshio; Otachi, Yota; Uehara, Ryuhei
Oct-2007 On Computing Longest Paths in Small Graph ClassesUehara, Ryuhei; Uno, Yushi
Sep-2005 On constructing completionsCrosilla, Laura; Ishihara, Hajime; Schuster, Peter
Jul-2009 On convergence constrained precoder design for iterative frequency domain MIMO detectorKarjalainen, Juha; Tolli, Antti; Matsumoto, Tad; Juntti, Markku
Nov-2012 On convergence constraint precoder design for iterative frequency domain multiuser SISO detectorTervo, Valtteri; Tolli, A; Karjalainen, J.; Matsumoto, Tad
2011 On covering of any point configuration by disjoint unit disksOkayama, Yosuke; Kiyomi, Masashi; Uehara, Ryuhei
1-May-2001 On Detecting Digital Line Components in a Binary ImageASANO, Tetsuo; OBOKATA, Koji; TOKUYAMA, Takeshi
Sep-2004 On Distributed Cooperative Mobile Robotics:Decomposition of Basic Problems and Study of a Self-stabilizing Circle Formation AlgorithmSouissi, Samia; すいしー, さみあ
24-Nov-2006 On domains and domain engineering : prerequisites for trustworthy software, a necessity for believable project managementBjorner, Dines
2004 On Geometric Structure of Global Roundings for Graphs and Range SpacesAsano, Tetsuo; Katoh, Naoki; Tamaki, Hisao; Tokuyama, Takeshi
6-Dec-2010 On Greedy Methods for EXIT Chart Based Transmission Power AllocationKarjalainen, Juha; Codreanu, Marian; Tolli, Antti; Juntti, Markku; Matsumoto, Tad
Nov-2005 ON GRID TECHNOLOGY IN SCIENCE, MEDIA AND INDUSTRYManfred, Grauer; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
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