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15-Jun-2001 Large spontaneous spin splitting in gate-controlled two-dimensional electron gases at normal In_<0.75>Ga_<0.25>As/In_<0.75>Al_<0.25>As heterojunctionsSato, Y.; Kita, T.; Gozu, S.; Yamada, S.
15-May-2008 Spin-splitting analysis of a two-dimensional electron gas in almost strain-free In_<0.89>Ga_<0.11>Sb/In_<0.88>Al_<0.12>Sb by magnetoresistance measurementsAkabori, M.; Guzenko, V. A.; Sato, T.; Schapers, Th.; Suzuki, T.; Yamada, S.
Jul-2010 Growth and Magneto-transport Characterization of Double-doped InGaAs/InAlAs Heterostructures with High Indium CompositionsAkabori, M.; Morimoto, K.; Wei, W.; Iwase, H.; Yamada, S.
10-Dec-2012 Realization of In_<0.75>Ga_<0.25>As two-dimensional electron gas bilayer system for spintronics devices based on Rashba spin-orbit interactionAkabori, M.; Hidaka, S; Iwase, H.; Yamada, S.; Ekenberg, U.


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