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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1-Oct-2010 A Hybrid Speech Emotion Recognition System Based on Spectral and Prosodic FeaturesZHOU, Yu; LI, Junfeng; SUN, Yanqing; ZHANG, Jianping; YAN, Yonghong; AKAGI, Masato
2016 A hybrid TOA and RSS-based factor graph for wireless geolocation techniqueKarimah, Shofiyati Nur; Aziz, Muhammad Reza Kahar; Matsumoto, Tad
2-Sep-2013 A Hybrid TTS between Unit Selection and HMM-based TTS under limited data conditionsPhung, Trung-Nghia; Luong, Chi Mai; Akagi, Masato
May-2007 Hybrid Turbo Multiuser Detection for OFDM Transmission with Spatially-Correlated ChannelsGrossmann, M.; Matsumoto, T.
23-Feb-2017 Hydra-Brainwriting:多数の人々が持つ多様性を活用する非対等型アイデア創造技法の提案张, 弛; 西本, 一志; Chi, Zhang; Nishimoto, Kazushi
25-Jul-2022 Hydration and OH-/Br- Conduction Properties of Fluorene-Thiophene-Based Anion Exchange Thin Films Tethered with Different CationsWang, Fangfang; Nagano, Shusaku; Hara, Mitsuo; Nagao, Yuki
Jun-2013 Hydrogelation of Dextran-Based Polyampholytes with Cryoprotective Properties Via Click ChemistryJain, Minkle
25-Nov-2013 Hydrogelation of dextran-based polyampholytes with cryoprotective properties via click chemistryJain, Minkle; Rajan, Robin; Hyon, Suong-Hyu; Matsumura, Kazuaki
10-Oct-2015 Hydrogen Hypeを超えて : 燃料電池に対する社会受容性の分析永田, 晃也; 小林, 俊哉; 西釜, 義勝
15-Apr-2002 Hydrogen permeation barrier performance characterization of vapor deposited amorphous aluminum oxide films using coloration of tungsten oxideYamada-Takamura, Y.; Koch, F.; Maier, H.; Bolt, H.
24-Jun-2018 Hydrophobic Polyampholytes and Nonfreezing Cold Temperature Stimulate Internalization of Au Nanoparticles to Zwitterionic LiposomesAhmed, Sana; Matsumura, Kazuaki; Hamada, Tsutomu
2019 Hydroxymethylation of Furfural to HMF with an Aqueous Formaldehyde over Zeolite Beta CatalystNishimura, Shun; Shibata, Atsuki
Mar-1997 Hyperdoctrinal Semantics for Non-classical Predicate Logics白須, 裕之
30-Apr-1997 Hypertextual IPALexicons brows system-HiPAL-使用説明書望月, 源; 梁, 慶昇; 奥村, 学; Mochizuki, Hajime; Ryou, Keishou; Okumura, Manabu; モチヅキ, ハジメ; リョウ, ケイショウ; オクムラ, マナブ
Mar-1996 HZSM-5 ゼオライトの脱アルミニウム速度に及ぼす水蒸気分圧の影響岩見, 吉博
Mar-1996 HZSM-5 型ゼオライトの水の吸着挙動糟野, 剛一
Mar-1997 HZSM-5ゼオライトの脱アルミニウム速度に及ぼす結晶性の影響池谷, 拓速; イケヤ, ヒロトシ
Mar-1998 HZSM-5ゼオライト上での水の吸着挙動福谷, 禎記; ふくや, さだのり
Mar-1998 HZSM-5ゼオライト触媒を用いた一酸化炭素とトリオキサンからの1,3-ジオキソラン-4-オンの合成関根, 崇史; せきね, たかし
Mar-1998 HZSM-5ゼオライト骨格構造中へのアルミニウムの再挿入蓼沼, 理恵; たでぬま, りえ
Mar-1997 HZSM-5型ゼオライトのバイヤービリガー酸化能水崎, 透; ミズサキ, トオル
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