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Date of IssueTitle Authors
Dec-2010 Update Legal Documents Using Hierarchical Ranking Models and Word ClusteringPham, Minh Quang Nhat; Nguyen, Minh Le; Shimazu, Akira
22-Jan-2004 An Upper Bound on Blocking Probability for Vertical Stacked Optical Banyan Networks with Extra StageYu, Chen; Jiang, Xiaohong; Horiguchi, Susumu
28-Oct-2017 URAに対する大学教員の支援ニーズ池見, 直俊; 永田, 晃也
27-Oct-2018 URAはどこに向うのか : 大学における専門的職員という視座からの検討齋藤, 芳子
27-Oct-2012 URA研修・教育プログラムのニーズ分析と設計方針の研究松永, 康; 杉山, 優子; 中島, 一郎
4-Jan-2010 US External debt sustainability revisited: Bayesian analysis of extended Markov switching unit root testTakeuchi, Fumihide
23-Feb-2017 Us Practicing:「弾いてみた動画」を活用した楽器の継続的練習支援システム金澤, 優太; 西本, 一志; Kanazawa, Yuta; Nishimoto, Kazushi
24-Oct-1998 US Technological Economic Development : IT Spillover, Value-chain Restructuring, Technoloy Standards and Demand ManagementGriffy-Brown, Charla; Watanabe, Chihiro
9-Jul-2018 Usability Evaluation of Open Source and Online Capture the Flag PlatformsNoor Azam, Muhammad Harith bin; Beuran, Razvan
20-Jun-1996 A user behavior model of organizational knowledge supportKadowaki, Chie; Yamakami, Toshihiko; Kokogawa, Tomohiro; Sugita, Keizo; Kunifuji, Susumu
Mar-2020 User-centered Improvement of Entertainment Factors and Platform Transformation in Various Aspectsアナンパッタナー, パンヤビー; アナンパッタナー, パンヤビー
2-Jan-2019 User-Centric Consumption Scheduling and Fair Billing Mechanism in Demand-Side ManagementCharoen, Prasertsak; Sioutis, Marios; Javaid, Saher; Charoenlarpnopparut, Chalie; Lim, Yuto; Tan, Yasuo
Mar-2014 Using Cluster Analysis to Identify Services from Legacy System at Different Levels of Granularity唐, 曉寧; とう, ぎょうねい
16-Dec-2014 Using Conditional Copula to Estimate Value-at-Risk in Vietnam's Foreign Exchange MarketNguyen, Vu-Linh; Huynh, Van-Nam
Using Conspiracy Numbers for Improving Move Selectionin Minimax Game-Tree SearchVu, Quang; Ishitobi, Taichi; Terrillon, Jean-Christophe; Iida, Hiroyuki
6-Jul-1994 Using object-oriented techniques in microkernel based operating systemsNakajima, Tatsuo; 中島, 達夫; ナカジマ, タツオ
27-Oct-2012 Using option-games to describe strategy selection of technology investment in the green supply chainNur Budi, Mulyono; Fujiwara, Takao
Mar-2003 Using Prior Knowledge in Rule InductionNguyen, Dung Duc; グェン, ズゥン ドック
18-Jan-2013 Using Shallow Semantic Parsing and Relation Extraction for Finding Contradiction in TextPham, Minh Quang Nhat; Nguyen, Minh Le; Shimazu, Akira
7-Sep-2006 Using text semantic similarity approach to check the consistency of UMLKotb, Yasser; Katayama, Takuya
Nov-2007 Using the Concept of Serendipity in EducationSawaizumi, Shigekazu; Katai, Osamu; Kawakami, Hiroshi; Shiose, Takayuki
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