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Date of IssueTitle Authors
1-Nov-1999 Identification of the Optimal R&D Investment Trajectory : Theoretical Analysis and Empirical Demonstration朱, 兵; 渡辺, 千仭
20-Mar-2016 Identifying an Agent's Preferences Toward Similarity Measures in Description LogicsRacharak, Teeradaj; Suntisrivaraporn, Boontawee; Tojo, Satoshi
30-Oct-2021 Identifying Applications Emerging from the Knowledge Convergence of Big Data and Broadcasting : The Case NHK and BBCMiyazaki, Kumiko; Ruiz-Navas, Santiago
Sep-2021 Identifying behavioral intentions towards online food delivery service among young consumers張, 乃方; ちょう, だいほう
12-Apr-2017 Identifying Context-dependent Modes of ReadingFuyama, Miho; Hidaka, Shohei
27-Oct-2012 Identifying Innovation in Korean Mobile Business Solution ServicesHong, Seunghye; Miyazaki, Kumiko
2012 Identifying Kinematic Cues for Action Style RecognitionHidaka, Shohei
2012 Identity Tracking of a Disease as a Causal ChainKozaki, Kouji; Mizoguchi, Riichiro; Imai, Takeshi; Ohe, Kazuhiko
6-Jul-2007 IECを用いた素片接続コストの重み係数推定平井, 啓之; 小谷, 一孔; 党, 建武; ヒライ, ヒロユキ; コタニ, カズノリ; トウ, タケシ
24-Oct-2009 IEEEにおいて特徴的な推移を示す国々の分析野村, 稔; 白川, 展之; 奥和田, 久美
Mar-2012 III-V族化合物半導体デバイスプロセスにおけるAlN絶縁膜の応用に関する研究工藤, 昌宏; くどう, まさひろ
Sep-2002 III-V族希薄磁性半導体(Ga,Mn)Nの物性の研究佐々木, 敬彦; ささき, たかひこ
2012 Illusory reversal of causality between touch and vision has no effect on prism adaptation rateTanaka, Hirokazu; Homma, Kazuhiro; Imamizu, Hiroshi
Mar-2021 Image Preference Estimation with Word Embedding Model and Convolutional Neural Network万, 樺; ワン, シラカバ
Feb-2000 Images of cleaved GaAs(110) surfaces observed with a reflection optical second harmonic microscopeSano, H; Shimizu, T; Mizutani, G; Ushioda, S
24-Oct-2002 IMD による World Competitiveness 指標の分析 : 科学技術分野丹羽, 冨士雄
24-Oct-2002 IMD 科学技術 World Competitiveness の時系列分析丹羽, 冨士雄; 桑原, 輝隆
24-Jan-2020 Imidazolium‐Functionalized Fluorene‐Based Anion Exchange Membrane (AEM) for Fuel Cell ApplicationsSalma, Umme; Zhang, Dishen; Nagao, Yuki
20-Oct-2020 Imitating Agents in A Complex Environment by Generative Adversarial Imitation LearningLi, Wanxiang; Hsueh, Chu-Hsuan; Ikeda, Kokolo
Mar-2021 Imitating Players in A Complex Environment by Generative Adversarial Imitation LearningLI, Wanxiang
31-Jul-2009 Imitation Learning of Humanoid Locomotion Using the Direction of the Landing FootYang, Woosung; Chong, Nak Young
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