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Date of IssueTitle Authors
12-Mar-2009 A Verification Framework for Automotive Embedded SystemsKATO, Norio
Sep-2015 Verification of automotive operating systems for multi-core processorsマリーヌアン, パッターウット; まりーぬあん, ぱったーうっと
7-Mar-2007 Verification of Multi-Task SoftwareAoki, Toshiaki
15-Dec-2006 Verified software for ubiquitous computing : a proposed VSTTE/ubiquitous computing foothill projectBjorner, Dines
21-Sep-2005 Verifying Specifications with Proof ScoresFUTATSUGI, Kokichi
Mar-2011 Verifying the Correctness of Compiler for an Imperative Programming LanguageTrinh, Bao Ngoc Quoc; トリン, バオ ノン クォック
13-Sep-2011 Very Simple BICM-ID Using Repetition Code and Extended Mapping with Doped AccumulatorAnwar, Khoirul; Matsumoto, Tad
Mar-2011 A Very Simple BICM-ID with EXIT Constraints府川, 輝翔; ふかわ, きしょう
5-Nov-2016 「VHS VTRの研究開発・事業化」における人本主義的イノベーションマネジメント志賀, 敏宏
Oct-2009 Vietnamese Noun Phrase Chunking Based on Conditional Random FieldsNguyen, Thi Huong Thao; Nguyen, Phuong Thai; Nguyen, Le Minh; Ha, Quang Thuy
Nov-2003 ViewFrame : 画像処理による位置検出法を用いた「借景」河原塚,有希彦; 高橋,誠史; 宮田,一乗
20-Sep-2004 ViewFrame2 : マーカレス顔部検出手法を利用した“ViewFrame”河原塚, 有希彦; 高橋, 誠史; 宮田, 一乘; KAWARAZUKA, Yukihiko; TAKAHASHI, Masafumi; MIYATA, Kazunori
Mar-2002 Virtual JAISTと位置検出システムを用いた実世界・情報世界融合インタフェイスの研究滝田, 淳; たきた, じゅん
Nov-2005 VirtualModeling Laboratories for Knowledge Integration and CreationMarek, Makowski; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
27-Nov-2006 Visibly Stack AutomataNguyen, Van Tang; Ogawa, Mizuhito
Mar-2014 Vision Co-creation Based Leadership: Case Study of Chinese Transforming Companies and Japanese International CompaniesNIE, Yong
Nov-2005 A Vision of New Era of Knowledge CivilizationKameoka, Akio; Andrzej, P. Wierzbicki; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Nov-2005 A Visual Measurement of Decision Consensus -An Idea Derived from GAEYuntao, Bai; Yifei, Mu; Youmin, Xi; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
Mar-2020 Visual SLAM および Saliency map による 顕著性を考慮した3次元地図のリアルタイム作成片岡, 直樹; かたおか, なおき
5-Aug-2010 Visualization and Haptic rendering of Ancient Woodcarvings in Sli LankaRAJAPAKSE, R.P.C. Janaka; TOKUYAMA, Yoshimasa; MARASINGHE, Ashu; MIYATA, Kazunori; SOMADEVA, Raj
Nov-2000 A Visualization Tool for Interactive Learning of Large Decision TreesNguyen, Trong Dung; Ho, Tu Bao; Shimodaira, Hiroshi
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