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タイトル: Deep df-pn and Its Application to Connect6
著者: Song, Zhang
Iida, Hiroyuki
van den Herik, Jaap
キーワード: Proof number search
AND/OR tree
Deep proof number search
Seesaw effect
発行日: 2016-10-28
出版者: 情報処理学会
誌名: ゲームプログラミングワークショップ2016論文集
巻: 2016
開始ページ: 6
終了ページ: 12
抄録: Depth-first proof-number search (df-pn) is a powerful variant of proof-number search algorithms, widely used for AND/OR tree search or solving games. However, it suffers from the seesaw effect, which can be concluded as frequently going back to the ancestor nodes for selecting the most proving node. It works strongly against the efficiency in some situations. This paper proposes a new proof number algorithm called Deep depth-first proof-number search (Deep df-pn) to reduce the seesaw effect in df-pn. The only difference between Deep df-pn and df-pn is the proof number or disproof number of unsolved nodes. The proof number or disproof number of unsolved nodes is 1 in df-pn, while it is a function of depth with two parameters in Deep df-pn. By adjusting the value of parameters, Deep df-pn changes its behavior from searching broadly to searching deeply. Moreover, this paper proves that Deep df-pn enables to reduce the seesaw effect. Experiments performed in the domain of Connect6 show its effectiveness in searching efficiency.
Rights: 社団法人 情報処理学会, Zhang Song, Hiroyuki Iida, Jaap van den Herik , ゲームプログラミングワークショップ2016論文集, 2016, 6-12. ここに掲載した著作物の利用に関する注意: 本著作物の著作権は(社)情報処理学会に帰属します。本著作物は著作権者である情報処理学会の許可のもとに掲載するものです。ご利用に当たっては「著作権法」ならびに「情報処理学会倫理綱領」に従うことをお願いいたします。 Notice for the use of this material: The copyright of this material is retained by the Information Processing Society of Japan (IPSJ). This material is published on this web site with the agreement of the author (s) and the IPSJ. Please be complied with Copyright Law of Japan and the Code of Ethics of the IPSJ if any users wish to reproduce, make derivative work, distribute or make available to the public any part or whole thereof. All Rights Reserved, Copyright © Information Processing Society of Japan.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10119/14076
資料タイプ: publisher
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