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Date of IssueTitle Authors
2017 Graph-based Joint Source Channel LDPC Decoding for Cooperative Communication with Error-corrupted Relay ObservationsAbdessalem, Marwa Ben; Zribi, Amin; Matsumoto, Tad; Bouallègue, Ammar
Nov-2007 A Graph-Based Web Usage Mining Considering Page Browsing TimeMihara, Koichiro; Terabe, Masahiro; Hashimoto, Kazuo
Sep-2021 Graphical animations of authentication protocolsMon, Thet Wai; もん, さえと わい
Sep-2017 Graphical Animations of State Machines [課題研究報告書]Nguyen, Thi Thanh Tam; ぐえん, てぃ たいん たむ
1-Dec-2012 GREAT-CEO: larGe scale distRibuted dEcision mAking Techniques for Wireless Chief Executive Officer ProblemsZhou, Xiaobo; He, Xin; Anwar, Khoirul; Matsumoto, Tad
22-Nov-1993 Greed is good : approximating independent sets in sparse and bounded-degree graphsHalldorsson, Magnus M; Radhakrishnan, Jaikumar
May-2015 Greedy scheduling with feedback control for overloaded real-time systemsCheng, Zhuo; Zhang, Haitao; Tan, Yasuo; Lim, Azman Osman
2011 Green synthesis of platinum/gold bimetallic nanoparticles supported onto hydrotalcite surface as heterogeneous catalyst for selective oxidation of glycerolTongsakul, Duangta; Nishimura, Shun; Thammacharoen, Chuchaat; Ekgasit, Sanong; Ebitani, Kohki
Mar-2001 Group Communicationに基づく耐故障モバイルエージェント林原, 尚浩; はやしばら, なおひろ
12-Nov-1996 A group decision support system by externalizing, sharing and reflecting individual viewpointsKato, Naotaka; Chujo, Masanobu; Kunifuji, Susumu
11-Jan-2011 A group nonadditive multiattribute consumer-oriented Kansei evaluation model with an application to traditional craftsYan, Hong-Bin; Huynh, Van-Nam; Nakamori, Yoshiteru
Jun-2019 Group Performance on Computers Games in Chess and Checkersシリヴィチャヤクル, タナッチャイ; しりゔぃちゃやくる, たなっちゃい
Sep-2011 Growth and characterization of vertically-aligned single-walled CNTs using alcohol catalytic CVD for electrochemical capacitorMohd Abid, Mohd Asyadi Azam Bin
8-Feb-2017 Growth and magnetic properties of MnAs/InAs hybrid structure on GaAs(111)BIslam, Md. Earul; Akabori, Masashi
Jul-2010 Growth and Magneto-transport Characterization of Double-doped InGaAs/InAlAs Heterostructures with High Indium CompositionsAkabori, M.; Morimoto, K.; Wei, W.; Iwase, H.; Yamada, S.
25-Sep-2009 Growth of single-crystalline zirconium diboride thin film on sapphireBera, Sambhunath; Sumiyoshi, Yuichiro; Yamada-Takamura, Yukiko
28-Feb-1997 Growth process of cubic boron nitride films in bias sputter depositionYamada, Yukiko; Tatebayashi, Yoshinao; Tsuda, Osamu; Yoshida, Toyonobu
Mar-2003 Grzegorczyk階層および多項式時間計算可能関数の特徴付けに関する研究岩崎, 純平; いわさき, じゅんぺい
Mar-2015 GTTMにおけるcadential retentionに関する理論の再構成Kodama, Takafumi; 小玉, 昂史
Mar-2005 GTTMによる楽曲の木構造生成に関する研究岡, 良典; おか, よしのり
16-Dec-2016 Guidelines for Developing and Reporting Machine Learning Predictive Models in Biomedical Research: A Multidisciplinary ViewLuo, Wei; Phung, Dinh; Tran, Truyen; Gupta, Sunil; Rana, Santu; Karmakar, Chandan; Shilton, Alistair; Yearwood, John; Dimitrova, Nevenka; Tu Bao Ho, Svetha Venkatesh, Michael Berk
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