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Date of IssueTitle Authors
24-Sep-2008 Robust front end processing for speech recognition in reverberant environments: Utilization of speech characteristicsPetrick, Rico; Lu, Xugang; Unoki, Masashi; Akagi, Masato; Hoffmann, Ruediger
Sep-2014 Robust gait recognition using adaptive random depth subspace from depth information屈, えん; クツ, エン
6-Dec-2012 Robust pseudo virtual passive dynamic walking with control of swing-leg retractionAsano, Fumihiko
Aug-2007 Robust Self-Deployment for a Swarm of Autonomous Mobile Robots with Limited Visibility RangeLee, Geunho; Chong, Nak Young; Defago, Xavier
Jun-2013 Robust synthesis of Polyethylene block polystyrene(PE-b-PS) block copolymers using ARGET-ATRP (Activators Regenerated by electron transfer-Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization)JAIN, Kamiya
21-Aug-1997 Robust visual servo control of planar manipulators under the eye-in-hand configurationsMaruyama, Akira; Fujita, Masayuki
19-Jan-1996 Robustness of robot programs generated by genetic programmingIto, Takuya; Iba, Hitoshi; Kimura, Masayuki; 伊藤, 拓也; 伊庭, 斉志; 木村, 正行; イトウ, タクヤ; イバ, ヒトシ; キムラ, マサユキ
Dec-2019 Robustness test method of power flow system containing controllable and fluctuating power devicesJavaid, Saher; Kaneko, Mineo; Tan, Yasuo
8-Apr-2011 Role of base in the formation of silver nanoparticles synthesized using sodium acrylate as a dual reducing and encapsulating agentNishimura, Shun; Mott, Derrick; Takagaki, Atsushi; Maenosono, Shinya; Ebitani, Kohki
2017 Role of Cryoprotectants in Freeze Concentration Technology for Gene Delivery ProcessAHMED, Sana; MIYAWAKI, Osato; MATSUMURA, Kazuaki
Jul-2005 Role of defects in tuning ferromagnetism in diluted magnetic oxide thin filmsNguyen, Hoa Hong; Sakai, Joe; Ngo, Thu Huong; Poirot, Nathalie; Ruyter, Antoine
2010 Role of Dispersion State of Ti Species in Deactivation of MgCl_2-Supported Ziegler-Natta CatalystsTaniike, Toshiaki; Wada, Toru; Kouzai, Iku; Takahashi, Shougo; Terano, Minoru
16-Jan-2007 The role of domain engineering in software developmentBjorner, Dines
1-Feb-2005 Role of Hydrogen in Polycrystalline Si by Excimer Laser AnnealingKAWAMOTO, Naoya; MATSUO, Naoto; MASUDA, Atsushi; KITAMON, Yoshitaka; MATSUMURA, Hideki; HARADA, Yasunori; MIYOSHI, Tadaki; HAMADA, Hiroki
1-Aug-2004 The role of intermolecular polarization for the stability of lithium intercalation compounds of α- and β-peryleneFriedlein, R.; Crispin, X.; Suess, C.; Pickholz, M.; Salaneck, W. R.
Nov-2005 The Role of Language within Knowledge Creation ProcessesFilippina, Risopoulos; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
21-Oct-2006 The Role of Market Learning as a Coordinator of Techno-Countervailing Power : An Empirical Analysis of Canon Printers based on Optimal Theory雷, 善玉; 渡辺, 千仭
22-May-2012 The role of negatively charged Au states in aerobic oxidation of alcohols over hydrotalcite supported AuPd nanoclustersNishimura, Shun; Yakita, Yusuke; Katayama, Madoka; Higashimine, Koichi; Ebitania, Kohki
30-Jul-2011 The role of production fragmentation in the international business cycle synchronization in East AsiaTakeuchi, Fumihide
19-Jul-2010 Role of the Techno-Producer in the Construction Industry, as a Leader of InnovationHirabayashi, Yuji; Ikawa, Yasuo
Nov-2005 Role-driven Business Process ModelsZhao, Weidong; Jifa, Gu; Gerhard, Chroust
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